Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Christmas Party @ Seng Hwee's Hse

Sigh..feeling kinda unwell recently..bloatedness...suddenly this thought keeps flashing across my mind -- "Being Healthy is the Route to Happiness and Fortune!"

Oh ya..anyway, I've openly hinted to Dar that I want Precious Moments figurine for Xmas present..haha... It's the "Happily Ever After" Prince and Princess Couple.. Actually, I'm having a hard time deciding on whether to get this or the other "You are my Dream Come True".. Both are equally gorgeous! Maybe I'd get Dar to get me for Valentine's next year..hahaa.... gonna use them both for the photoshoot! hee...

Just done with getting 3/4 of my xmas gifts to the gers N left Junxian's and the wrapping papers! =)
Got a nice strawberry tissue box holder for Bridget and a nice Juicy Couture Cigarette case holder (supposed to be hp holder thou :p ) for Sandy.. Can't wait to see their delighted faces! ^^
woo hoo!'s the latest update from the party we've just had at Ah Hwee's new house in Punggol last friday 12 Dec 08! (*^_^)

Choco Fondue Preparation
Ms Princess Anna

Ms Sharon

Errrm...Myself!! haha...

Our wrapped Presents

Love this pic..our very own Ms Fairy God'mother'!

KFC's Good!

Choco Fondue ready! yum yum

Here's us with our presents!

Group pic

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boss on leave starting today

Sigh.. my boss's on leave starting today..and work's piling up..gosh.. not sure whether is it because the other dept's people are taking advantage of this period and trying to make my miserable dept (only left me and uncle) to do so much work! Arrgghhh~~~

So busy today and uncle's not helping me much either.. cos it's been a long time since he type letters of offer, so can't blame him much..

Anyway, been trying to find nice venues for solemnisation recently.. tight budget...haa... so hard to find...quite like Mandai Orchid Garden but need 50 pax at least..
Shall keep finding...

I got a 'surprise'! present yesterday on my table when I came in for work.. Guess what? It's a potted Money plant from our beloved Ms Yongxi!! But --But --But!! It's not a gift for me..haha... it's a gift for me to take care of her baby plant! *faint*
Okok, Ms xixi, I'd take good care of it and feed her water every other day while you are enjoying your vacations in HongKong ya.. heeheh.. just buy me real presents when u r back!

Here's a peek at her gift to me :)

See what she wrote??