Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sound Test @ Villa Halia (21-9-09)

Went Halia to test the sound systems with bro- Johnathon & his gf (Kelly) in the morning.

Then went over to Tampines to meet BB.
While waiting for him, I shopped again!!! And bought a light grey top at Mulana selling at $19.90 . hahaa… wanted to continue shopping but BB then reached.

We went to Sea-horse to take a look at the pillows and sofa.
We ended up buying/ordering the Memory pillows (abt $19.50 each, Usual price: $79) and also the long sofa which BB’s mom quite liked ($949.50, usual price:$2399). Not sure why they slashed down the price by so much but it could also be part of their sales tactics. Hahaa… but it sure feels good to imagine ourselves getting a good deal. Hahah.So the delivery date is scheduled to be on 17 Oct. *hooray*

After the visit to Sea-Horse, we went to Serta to finalise some details with the sales-girl. We managed to bargain for 1 more sheep! Hahaha…

So.. our bed details would be: Missouri King sized bed Bedframe = S$3449
Free gifts: 2 pillows (+ 1 more free pillow from free lucky dip, so total 3 pillows), 2 mattress protectors, 2 sheeps plushies, and 1 bed bench .

Then in the evening, we also managed to find one cupboard that’s suitable to put my bags + extra clothes beside the main wardrobe! *Yippeee**

DIY Hair Dye Liese Har Bubble (20-9-09)

Today’s itinery is to meet BHBZ Gang at Jurong Point at 3pm to pass them the invitation cards for ROM as well as to catch up with the 2 moms-to-be.

Some final preview of my ROM Invitation envelopes..

Before I went for the ‘date’, I quickly did a fast DIY of dyeing my hair using the widely advertised “LIESE HAIR BUBBLE COLOR”.

It’s just so easy to use!
I thought it would be very messy & uneven cos of the foam and also because what the forum people had feedbacked…BUT no… it’s very easy and hassle-free.

I follow the instructions very strictly and the foam turns out to be very thick and 1 box is enough for my long hair (below bra). Hahaha… Saves me so much money!! Because the last time I used DIY hair color, I used up 2 boxes of dye.
But this time round, I only spent $15.90 and get my whole head dyed into a Marshmallow Brown color.. hahaha.. I love my new hair color now. :p

I’m gonna try different hair colors next time round!!

Oki, let me share with u what I did:
1) After mixing the 2 bottles of chemical solutions, it was said that we need to lather our hair with the foams within 20 mins before we let the colour set. The mixture foams very quickly, so not to worry. It took me about 15 mins to lather my hair into thick foam. Haha… and to prevent the foams from turning into liquid foam & dripping into my eyes, I kept on lathering my hair. Haha…*Note: Try to do it in open air area as the ammonia smell can be stinging to the nose and eyes. Wrap a long towel around your neck & back to prevent staining your clothes.

2) After the foam, I let the foams set for 30 mins. It was stated that the recommended setting time is 20 – 30 mins depending on the color intensity that I’m looking for. So I opted for 30 mins as I thought the brown color won’t be so obvious.

3) After setting, I washed my hair before I used the little pack of treatment included in the box. It’s my 1st own DIY hair dye (previously was dyed by my mom) and I love the even brown hair colour that it turns out to be. (*^_^*) Recommended to my mom and friends already! Haha…

Wedding Invites for AD Selection & Car Deco_Flower Bouquet (19-9-09)

Early in the morning, I woke up to prepare because today, we’ve got a lot of things to do since 7th month is over!
This is the time to start preparing for the Actual Day Wedding too!

Ok, so first thing, we went to Yitai Hotstamping to confirm and order our AD wedding invitations. It only took us about half hr in there and the girl told us she’ll send us the soft copy template next Thursday afterwhich, if we confirm to print, then she’ll go ahead.
We were told that we’ve to tie the gold strings to the cards/inserts ourselves! Haa… think gotta engage help of others to do! ^^
"Cards, Cards on the wall, Who's the prettiest of them all?"After the printing company trip, we headed to BBC to choose my AD bouquet, car deco and also to see the photos layout.
Turns out that the layout is very sweet and colourful… :)

Didn’t manage to get the soft copies that day for both the edited and unedited (extra photos we bought) though. Told Kim that I’ll collect them on next Thurs when I collect my ROM gown instead.
Xiaofen also told me that she’ll be adding a string of blingblings to the peach ROM gown.. haha..hope it turns out nice… ^^

I've shortlisted 2 bouquets.. This one below and the 2nd pic below... Which is nicer??
Cast your votes and let me know, ok?? *Turning into a Bridezilla!* :p

Before we left for Orchard, we dropped by at Suntec's Travel Fare and guess who I saw? haha... Tay Ping Hui... Macho handsome guy! *drools*

After the selection, we went to Orchard’s Takashimaya to buy sweet wedding card. My intention was to use the card for the guests to sign. While browsing the many nice cards, I saw a very nice Prince & Princess Pop-up card and being the Princess-fanatic, I decided to buy it to add to the deco for the reception table. Hahaha.. so ended up, I bought 2 cards.

So the cards are settled and then we went to the basement and saw that there’s the mooncakes sale with many vendors! We ‘snaked’ in with the crowd and went around sampling different mooncakes. HAhaha… I find myself loving durians mooncakes this year!! And also the yam/pumpkin flavor mooncakes!! Alright..let me go dig out the pricelist/pictures before I post them here again…

Having our dinner at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
BB with my drink again!!! Mango Lemonade...*slurp slurp*

Registry of Marriages - Wedding Docs Collection (18-9-09)

This morning, BB & I went to Registry of Marriages to get our ROM documents.
We took a taxi from Peninsula Plaza Hotel up to ROM because we thought it’ll be a far walk up the hill..but who knows..haha.. the driver said it’s very near only and the taxi meter didn’t even jump.. ahhaa… So we paid $3 for just sitting in the cab for abt less than 5 mins… *faints*

Alright, we were 2 blur sotongs and after reaching the place, we were like trying to find instructions on what to do next when this attendant came to us and told us to get Q no. first. Haha… *malu*

So there we are… we’ve to do a declaration in front of the officer before we can collect our docs.
After collecting docs, BB and I went to Funan Mall to have our Mac breakfast/lunch.
I ordered Mega Mcspicy! Haaha… end up, that evening, I had a very bad bloated stomach and felt dizzy and wanted to throw up.. think I ate too much even though after that Mac meal, I didn’t have anything else for the whole day! :p

While waiting for our turn....we took some snaps... *CHEEZE**
Haha...the flashboard actually shows our number, but when taking this pic, just so happens that it flashes off --> see the top row missing number? :pHere's the docs that was collected: Wedding Certs (2 copies) & Some marriage preparation booklet in the pink folder ^_^

Register-Stand for Reception Table (16-9-09)

Yesterday, I’ve also finished doing my Register-stand for the reception table. heehee...
But I forgot to take pics of it before I passed them to Sharon...
Oops.. but nvm... will take pics of it again during my ROM! :p

I also want to make the announcement of my wish-list!!
Ahhaa.. hopefully, you all don’t get duplicate gifts ya! *lol*

I also finished the writeup on the wedding vows..
So, BB emailed JP the vows today and he replied saying that it’s beautifully written… kekek…. *blush blush*

Will post the vows here again after ROM! Stay tuned!

Menu cum Table Name Cards (13-9-09)

My Menu/Table cards are ready! v(^o^)v
Yeah!~~ I took the whole of the afternoon till night to design and print them.
My creativity mind also sprang to work in the evening time as I was having some troubles with the page setup of Word doc and also the Photoshop.

Alright…pictures speak a dozen words… so here they are :)
My cards serve as both a Menu and Table Name Cards.

Before that, I also did a final touchup for the flowers for the Solemnisation Chairs!
The Pink/Blue ribbons ones are for Bride & Groom's chairs.
The Green/White ribbons ones are for the witnesses' chairs. ^^
I actually love what I created...hahaha...
Photoshop brushes are way to go!!! Hooray to them!

Front & Back of the Table_Menu Cards... ^_^
Though I love my creation, BUT, I still love the writings (I think this card also serve a 3rd purpose which is Thank you card :p) the best! HAHAHA...
I'm also able to make full use of the wedding Initials logo design that I created! *GRINZ* trying my best to giveit a classy look. *lol*
The food list seems yummylicious! hehe..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Signoria Photoalbum Collection Day (12-9-09)

Ok, today, I’ve finally managed to get hold of the Signoria photoalbum.
There’s no soft-copies given to us but I’ll see if I can take each pic with my camera and upload into a slideshow format here :)

Anyway, talking abt the album, the portrait didn’t turn out very spectacular and also the quality of the album isn’t that great as well as I just noticed 1 page’s pic doesn’t stick fully to the album!

Arrgghhh… terrible…. Maybe that’s what u get for a free quality. Haa… but given their service & quality, even though it’s FOC, I also wouldn’t dare to recommend to my friends! *lol*

Dinner outing with the S.H.E.s (11-9-09)

Today had a dinner outing with the S.H.E.s…
We had wanted to have dinner at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at Orchard ION but alas, the queue was terribly long! I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for before it’s our turn.. *faint*..
So we decided to change our dinner place to a few shops beside it, called “OSAKA Hiroshima Ramen”.

Here’s some pics of the “Cha Shu Ramen” we ordered together with some mayo prawns and fried tofu.
Pardon me for the 3/4 finished mayo prawns and tofu..hahaa... too hungry at that time.. :p

Oily Ramen ya!... Sandy's even oilier!!
After dinner, we had our dessert of Chocolate Fondue with fresh fruits @ Wheellock Place’s Coffee Club.
It’s a nice place to just chill out with your friends especially at night as it can be quite windy. Since it’s outdoor, u can also get to just relax and watch passers-by stroll by while enjoying your cuppa coffee/tea. :)
The S.H.E.s girls....hahaha...

"Just Married" Tags and Game Scrolls (8-9-09)

Finished doing the “Just Married” tags and also finished up tying ribbons to all my game scrolls today!:)
hehe…I’ve also separate my ‘red & pink roses’ bouquet into 4 smaller bunches to be used for the solemnization chairs. Yippee…
The Game Scrolls... ^_^
Pencils for the Game Scrolls.... *couped from IKEA* OOPS...hehe...
Extras Table Tags, Butterfly 'clips' for the glasses deco (template from Martha Stewart) and the Game scrolls!
The whole chunk of tags and also the "Just Married" tags... ^_^

Sooo tired..... (7-9-09)

Darn.. I was so so very tired today!
I didn’t sleep at all for the whole of yesterday’s night!
I think it was most probably due to the caffeine effect that I had yesterday noon at Coffee Bean! Arrgghh… it was just so terrible…
U know that kind of feeling whereby u want to slp but when u close ur eyes, your mind is still very active and starts to think of many things to kip u from drifting to dreamland??

Blehs… terrible!
So today, I was almost like trying to fight a hard battle with “Mr Sandman” cos he’s drawing me to sleep during office hours!
Alright alright, I will let him win the battle when I go home and lie on my bed tonight!!! Hahaha…

Wedding Favors - Love Candies Jar (6-9-09)

Yesterday, I finished tying ribbons to all the favors jars, touched up on the shout-outs and also cut out all the little tags to be placed on the guests’ tables etc.
I was very bored at home alone cos BB had an assignment for the whole day. He only came back at around 9+pm and all of us, together with his cousins who came all the way from KL to Singapore, then headed to this restaurant somewhere near Bugis to have our very very late dinner.
Yawnz… that night, I only get to sleep at about 2+am.

Today, I bought a MM’s eyeshadow palette and Maybelline’s zeropore makeup base after much hesitation. Haha… I ended up buying cos there’s the 20% off sale at Watsons now. I had also bought an electric kettle jug on Friday as happened to pass by Isetan Tampines and they were having a sale. Bought my kettle @ S$19 after all the discount. Heee…..Yipee.. can start boiling water in office!! *grins*
After shopping, BB and I had a drink at Coffee Bean before I went home.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flowers for Guests' Tables Part 3 (2-9-09)

hahaha.... my "Chap Chai" aka green leaves are completed yesterday! ^_^
This will end my project of the flowers...
Next thing to crack my head will be the 'scrapbook'..hahaa.... as well as tidy up/touch up/finalise those completed DIYs!!!

The green leaves stalks...hehee... really look like some kind of raw vege!!!
Yeah... Sandy previously had asked me to write down a wishlist for the ROM...haha...
so this Vintage victorian lamp below is one of the things in my wishlist!!!
This can be found at Westmall's pushcart.
The auntie's selling 2 sizes for this lamp : Big one (the one shown below) and a small one.
She's able to give a discount too but she said she'll only be here till 22 Sept!! *hint hint* isn't it just a nice time to buy ?? *hiak hiak hiak**
There's also other nice country-styled items on her push-cart and she's got a showroom at somewhere...err... I need to dig out the name card..:p
I can't take a proper nice shot of the lamp becos I'm secretly taking pic of it while she's busy. hahaa...

Anyway, the purpose of the wishlist is just so that guests won't end up buying 2 similar gifts.. keke... I'm still in the midst of compiling the wishlist but sent it out by 'mistake' today. *lol*paiseh paiseh... (^_^)p
This vintage table lamp is so sweet and country-styled. I love it alot...hee... and this is in white lace!!! Yipee!!!

1st Meetup with JP 30-8-09

**Note: Royal Readers..hee... you might have noticed and wondering how come my subject title of the entries come with dates.. It's because I sometimes don't update my blog so often, and also I usually write my entry in a word doc before transferring them to this blog. Haaha... So the dates are to remind/add as a note to me of when did I start on the DIYs etc.
So, don't be surprised when you suddenly see a whole chunk of entries within 1 day ! ^_^

Met up with our JP -- Dr Ho on 30 Aug 09.
Was slightly late for perhaps 5 mins due to rain and also because I rushed to the toilet halfway as I got a stomachache. *haha... marriage jitters**

Basically, Dr Ho's a nice and friendly old man who loves travelling.
That day, he wore a red “Holland American Inc” shirt so as to make it easier to identify him at the MacDonald at Serene Centre.
Understand from him that his job requires him to travel frequently as he needs to attend conferences or go other countries’ hospitals to visit patients. As he travels frequently last time, he likes to mix leisure with business. Can see that he really enjoys his trips. ^_^
He’s basically a retiree now and he’s doing this JP as a part-time job. He also told us that he’s an alumni of NUS.
His son is also living and working in US, that’s why usually during the dec period, he’s away from Singapore.

Gotta help to know more about him as I'm also helping James (who's getting married on 23rd Dec 09) to find a JP. hehe..
Anyway, Dr Ho told us to come up with our vows...so... we've got to start cracking our heads again!!

Got home and started to 'operate' my printing machine...hahaa.... to print all my invitation cards!Printed 20 of them.
Also came up with the design of the map inserts in the evening and printed them all out but left the cutting of the maps till the next day 31 Aug liao.. cos it's getting late and gotta work tmr!!Next up shall be the Game scrolls. =)

Front page of card
The invitation envelope, Back design of card + Map insert
haha... managed to make use of my design of the names logo for my menu/table cards + map inserts!!

"Flash" version