Monday, April 27, 2009

House Painting starts! 26-4-09

Today during lunch @ Amoy, saw Zoe Tay. I was like murmuring "zheng huiyu, zheng huiyu" to Ms Xixi BUT she didnt hear me. Instead it was Zoe who heard me calling her and turned her head slightly, acknowledging my call-out. *hahah* so malu* ..
I wanted to take a pic with her but she seems like in a rush and went off with her 2 helpers.. haha... nvm.. better luck next time! But I have to say, she's really slim! hehe...

Oki, yesterday morning, we started our room painting works! *abit ahead of schedule but then again, the earlier we complete, the better cos will be one thing off our To-Do list*. ^_^
We were lucky to have the help of Ah-Hong jie and her brother aka BB's cousins to help us do the painting as well!
By the way, they're professional designer and renovation contractor. And alot of people say Ah-hong looks like our national pingpong player Li Jiawei, esp when we go to the market together, the aunties will ask her if she's Jiawei?! *lol*
Anyway, Thanks alot Ah Hong jie and cousin!

Our room is now a nice cool shade of ANGEL Blue... very cosy and aquarium-like.. hahhaa...
*happy* Even Xiao Ziqi (Hong's daughter) says our room is very nice!

Painting artists at work. BB and Ah Hong jie in the background. ^_^
Me is the Quality supervisor - scrambling around looking for 'defects'. Hhaha...
Our newly painted room! Oops.. but I think I wasn't able to capture the real color of the walls in this picture. (T__T;)
Next to add, will be new furnitures for the room! haha...
I didn't want to post the Before pics of the room because I think BB will 'scold' me..haha.. cos it was such a messy room *lol*
Ah hong's bro say will make us a new cover top for the tables shown above because the top part is peeling off le... :p I was thinking whether should I paint the tables in white? Because I want a country-style kind of white furnitures... hmmmm..... let me find photos and post in my next post.
I also bought a HelloKitty mini-fan and a Disney Princess fan @ Tampines 1, to bring out for my photoshoot. *lol* so cute.. shall post pictures next time. ^^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheongsum Gowns 23-4-09

Yeah... I've finally finished selecting my gowns last week at BBC.
As I realised that 5 out of 6 of my gowns are going to be those princess A-line or pong-pong types, I've decided that I really need to get one gown that shows off my SEXY figure!! *WAHAHHAHA..... hears BB puking at the back*

I've so then decided to get myself a cheongsum/mermaid style kind of evening gown as I want to wear it for my outdoor evening shoot. ^_^ *yeah*
I was thinking of a vintage/oriental/elegant kind of style for my night shots and I've short-listed some venues earlier on. These are The China Club, Lunar Asian Bar, Fullerton Hotel, Pubs at Clarke Quay..
My favourite will be The China Club... but sad to say, I've called them up and they said it's not available for public to take their wedding shots except if I'm a member of their executive club OR if i'm having my banquet there.. :( sobs..
Then for Lunar, the charges are $250/hr which is abit hefty.... Sobs again...
So I was fretting about where to take nice shots when suddenly Ms Xixi gave me a brilliant suggestion which I've totally forgotten about!
Since I wanted Oriental/Vintage style..she said to go CHINESE GARDEN! ahhahaa... Furthermore, I want sunset shots and also since Chinese Gdn is in the west and sun sets in the west, it fits Puuurrr--fectly! And best still.. It's FOC!!! ahhaha... *mad laughter*

So after the sunset "SUN-KISS(T)" shot, then we can move on to Fullerton/Clarke Quay to take night shots. *yeah*

Okiez, I was flipping through the magazine the other day in search of my dream Cheongsum gown and I chanced upon these 2 I really love them especially the Hot Pink one.. *woo hoo* Sooo Sexxy ya~~ hahahah....

So, I decided to have it custom-made for me...I decided on the Hot Pink one but maybe without the long train cos I was thinking maybe next time I can still wear it to dinner functions if this gown is made without the long train so that it doesn't look like a wedding evening gown. ^_^ hee... *GRINs widely*
As the picture only shows the front part, I decided to draw the back-portion myself so that I can give the dress-maker a better idea..hahaa...

So here it is!!
I think I can be a fashion designer liao! ahaha.....
But it's my passion to draw lei... so feel free to write to me if u want me to draw sketches for u! hahaha...

This blue gown is very elegant and looks sophisticated! hmmm ^^
My fav is still this.. I think it'll look very nice in night shots! =p
What do you all think?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2nd Gown fitting and DIY Roses 19-4-09

Yesterday, BB and I went for our 2nd gown fitting with ah hui. ^_^ Sorry ah hui to trouble u again and spend like 4 hours there seeing me doing the fashion runway show. =p

Finally, I have decided and chosen all my outfits and I've also confirmed with Xiaofen today regarding my actual day gown. hehe...
In total, I will be taking 1 AD gown, 1 AD Evening Gown, 1 Kua (for AD), 1 Outdoor Day Gown, 1 Outdoor EG (which is a long red cheong kind of gown) and 2 Indoor Photoshoot gowns. I decided to do away with those cheesy traditional costumes eg. victorian/korean/japanese kinds because I feel these types can be taken anytime at any makeover shops and better still, rent these from Costumes shops. *lol*

It's a pity that Bliss Bridal have very limited slim-cut aka mermaid cut EGs.. sigh... They only have 1 red, 1 champagne, 1 light pink and 1 greenish gold embroidered cheongsum mermaid cut outdoor EG for me to choose from. *double sigh* They say they have other mermaid cut gowns but they are all for indoor photoshoot. I wanted a slim-cut gown for outdoor because I've choosen THE CHINA CLUB @ Capital Tower as one of my outdoor venue for evening photoshoot, as I'd like to have a kind of Oriental feel to the wedding album.
Have sent the restaurant an email and awaiting them to reply me with regards to the use of their venue.

Basically, I'm thinking of a mix of Western style + Asian style fusion kind of wedding photography album.
Western style venue, I'm thinking of either going The White Rabbit @ Demphesy Rd or Hort Park @ Alexandra.
Asian style venue, which is The China Club @ Capital Tower.
I also hope to be able to capture a sunset shot at either Clarke Quay or some nice place which I've yet to think of. :( I want to have a photo of a "SUNKIST" --> Couple kissing shot with sunset as the background....
I think I shall discuss with the photographer when the date for photoshoot draws nearer. ^_^

Oki..talking about photoshoot, I need to re-choose my PS again as my AD gown is to be used for some model fashion show on the day of my previously arranged PS. arrghhhh.... Only left with dates in July le...

Alright, anyway, today, I have the whole lot of free time chilling at home and so I decided to start my hands-on on the DIY Roses for ROM. *hahaha*

*Sneak Peek at the ROM gown which I wanted very much ... BUT!!! alas.. BBC 'lied' to me cos the other time when I told them I wanted this gown, they said they're able to lend it to me but during my 1st fitting in end Mar, they forgot to reserve this for me. And so when I told them I wanted this gown yesterday during 2nd fitting, they told me this has been taken by another ROM couple for their 26 Sept ROM.. sobs sobs... luckily I found another...though I still prefer this one...(T_T)

Okie, for DIY roses, to start off, you need the following:
1) Nice Soft Wrapping paper which You need to cut into abt 2 inches width of straps. Alternatively, you can use ribbons.
2) Scotch-Tape/Double sided tape
3) Scissors
4) Chopsticks as the 'stem" haha ..I'm trying to be an eco-friendly girl!! So I 'couped' chopsticks from foodstalls when I eat out..hahaa....Ssshhh..dont let the stall owners know..:p
Taa-daa! The completed Pink Rose.. Is it nice? :p I think I still need to modify abit..have to buy green poster colors to dye the stem and some green ribbons to make the leaves :p

Friday, April 17, 2009

List of Photographers and Videographers

hmmm... I know there's so many photographers and videographers out there in the market and it gets really tedious for the BTB and HTB to choose..hehe...
So, I've compiled my list of PGs and VGs whom I've met or seen their works before.

To all BTBs, to get a better idea of how their work is like, it's better to meet the VGs or PGs in person..see whether can you click with them and interrogate them with questions..ahhaha...

For a start, you may also like to buy magazines like BLISSFUL BRIDES (if you have no idea what photography style you want OR you absolutely have no idea where and how to start on your search for VGs and PGs) --> 85% of this magazine is all about photographers and videographers lor..the rest of the 10% is on tips for BTBs on the planning of the wedding and the last 5% is about the different banquet venues.

For magazine like STYLE WEDDINGS --> I personally prefer this magazine much more than the latter because there's more tips on the wedding and stories to read about.

Alternatively, you can start google'ing your ideal PGs/VGs online.
For me, I like photojournalistic style of photography because I feel that the shots are timeless. hehe... Photojournalistic style, to put it simply, means more like candid shots. *lol* But I guess you need some expert who's able to capture that special moment at the right time and angle. =)

There's actually a WPJA (Wedding PhotoJournalist Association) website where you can find a whole list of photojournalistic photographers here. You can click here and find under Singapore :

Other than photojournalistic, there's also another kind of style called Portraiture -> more traditional. ^_^

For Videography, if you like photojournalistic style again, you can try Wedding & Event Videographers Association (WEVA). Click here to find out more -->

Alright, so here's my list.. ^_^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Punggol Arcadia (Part 2) 12-4-09

Happy Easter to all! ^o^
Friday was a public holiday, me went to meet BB and we went to explore the newly opened Tampines 1.
Gosh! It was damned crowded! It's like the whole of East side people just came specially that day and jammed up the whole place!
The queue was exceptionally long for this new and 1st Japanese Casual wear store in Singapore -- Uniqlo. *Horror*

As the queue was so long, I decided not to rackie the store until today 12-4-09 (Sunday), me and BB went there early at 11am. Haaa... but people were already queuing! OMG! However, it moved quite fast, so we don't need to wait for very long.

Hahaa... it was SPREE time again for me!!
I bought 1 grey jacket and 1 light blue cardigan, both amounting to $79.80. Not cheap sia but their material is good, I would say :)

I also bought 1 new pair of Bling Bling flats on Friday from Mitju and also a sunblock.

Saturday, me and BB went to Vivocity. I went to Daiso and wacked up some DIY stuff for ROM. hehee... currently left all these stuff at BB's house! I also bought a very nice cotton vest for BB to wear! Hahaha... his ROM outfit should be settled :p Easy task...hahhahaa...

BB also went to have his hair cut @ Twister, Tampines 1, today. It's nice!! hahaha... I showed the stylist a photo of the hairstyle and she knows who the person in the picture is -- Xiao Zhu! ahahha.... So BB, next time you can have your haircut by Faye liao lor! Somemore, you may be able to bump into Andy Lee (one of the bosses of this salon, a joint venture of Mark Lee, Quan YiFeng and Michelle Chia and Andy Lee), just like I saw him today! :p

We also went to see our new hse @ Punggol on Saturday night. *Surprised* I counted the time taken to walk from the MRT to our new place and it's only less than 5 mins. hehe...
They've already started the foundation works! *Good Good*
BB and I then took our time to walk around the neighbourhood..although it's very quiet partly due to the place has not been fully developed yet and also it's at night, it's still going to be a nice place in future I think. :)
Also, there's 1 direct bus which takes us within 10 mins to reach the 3 big malls - IKEA, COURTS and GIANT. This bus no. 34 also takes us direct to BB's house, so it's rather convenient :p hehee...

OKie, that's all for's time to sleep again.... yawnz... byebye for now...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend at Bugis's new Hangout 4-4-09

Recently, I've been having a really bad day at work. I'm just so angry with Ah Chew and my boss. Just can't understand the way they work, esp. Ah Chew... really....his work is.... UTTERLY Unspeakable... Sooo messy till I'm speechless...only he himself will know what he's writing and doing... Personally, I just feel that there's really no PROCEDURES in this company... and my boss is just exploiting me and my "talent"!! HAHAHHA..... BHBZ.....

Today is also no different from last week... totally SPEECHLESS..... okie.. dont wanna talk about work anymore...

Last Friday, I was so angry that I wanted to de-stress myself and so I met BB to watch a comedy -- DETROIT METAL CITY. In case, you all don't's a japanese movie starring "L" from Deathnote. He's just so funny in this movie..haha.... and can see that he's really a good actor! I recommend this movie!! ^_^

Saturday, BB and I went to No. 1 Costume Costume Pte Ltd shop at 32 Aliwal Street. My plan was to rent Prince and Princess gowns from there for our Free photoshoot from Signoria. ahhaa... cos the prices that Bridal shops quoted us for rental of gowns cost $300-$400 excluding makeup which is another $200. So end up, I decided to rent gowns from costume shops and 'change' the album theme to fantasy and makeup on our own! (^_^)p

It was very fun trying on different costumes. The lady attendant was very helpful and helped us get alot of accessories for our 'makeover'. hahaha.... It was my 1st time seeing so many different costumes and I didn't want to leave that place and BB even had to 'pull' me out from there. hahaa... Anyway, we found each of us 1 costume and it only costs us $60 each with accessories!! Woo hooo!!!

After that, we walked to Bugis and also went to explore the new building opposite Bugis, which is beside Bugis village. Ooppss.. I forgot the name of that building... :p

Here's some pics!
Me with my BerryLite Greentea Yogurt ^o^

hahaa... continues to enjoy my yogurt and oblivious to the surrounding

Tickles tickles!!