Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello Kitty Display Stand (28-7-09)

Was actually on MC yesterday due to having caught a flu and slight cough.. sigh... but the doctor only gave me 1 day MC instead of 2!! haa...

Nvm..but I made full use of yesterday's rest to accomplish my task of the Hello-Kitty Display stand! ahaha...
Yeah~~ it's finally completed! *wooo peee!!! *

Here's a look of how it is... (^_^)>

Materials required.... My nearly a decade old HelloKitty! hehe... the rest of the items can be found at Daiso!

Romantic sunset "lighting" hehe...
Actual color... Oops... can see my Kitty's flowers abit dirty liao..hee...

Monday, July 27, 2009

An-Chuang Bedsheets Bought (25-7-09)

Yeah~ Another thing done.
Have finally bought our new bedsheets last Saturday at Tampines 1!
I have been 'eyeing' for a pink color bedsheet from Co'zy for a long time already ever since I saw it on display at IMM. hee...

So that day, we bought 2 sets of King-sized bedsheets sets, 2 pink pillowcases, 2 bolster cases and 1 quilt for a total cost of hmm..... about S$345! Wooops..... that's the most I've ever spent for buying bedsheets..haha...
Alright..the comforting part is that one set of King-sized bedsheets that comes with 2 pillowcases,bedsheet and quilt cover already costs $300+..and now Co'zy is having discount.. ^_^. I bought 2 colors : Pink and White with light blue flower embriodery.. :p

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ROM Invitation Cards Part 1 (14-7-09)

I started on the D-I-Y'ings of our ROM invitation cards' envelopes last tuesday.
Till now, I've only completed................ only 1 envelope!!!
I was actually trying to figure out what and how is the best way to decorate the envelopes. I've bought 1 pink and 1 blue wrapping paper and I was like kinda stuck with how is the blue going to combine with the pink paper nicely?

I had many ideas running in my mind but I didn't want to try them all out as I don't want to waste the papers...hahaha...
SO... I only did 1 envelope out to test out one of the designs...BB and bros all said it's nice..but I am still thinking whether could it be nicer?
If I have the time, I would definitely do more designs... but recently, I have been very busy... :(
New job's going to start soon too...
And arrgghh.... I've to find makeup artist for myself (morning) and moms on AD (night)!!!
I've also to start drawing out the timetable chart for the AD and inform my jiemeis fast...

Villa Halia @ Botanical Gardens Wedding Showcase 19-7-09

Last Sunday, I made Brother accompany me to the wedding showcase since BB has agreed to go to Hwee Suan's house-warming party.

Bro drove me around Bt Timah and Cluny Hill's private property estates to oogle....ahhaha...and we passed by his friend's huge mansion and saw him sitting alone in the sofa of his room with back facing us and playing his handheld game. We left without notifying him cos we're already 5 mins late for the showcase. hee..
But somehow, I feel that though they are so rich, they're somehow quite lonely.. it's like living in a fortress..

Anyway, when we reached, it was just about time that they started their 1st presentation. There was a live jazz band playing in the courtyard and the place is really cozy.

I like how the Gallery room is being set up with orangey lightings... ^_^
Food-wise, tasted pretty good! Bro has too much of the semi-raw tuna till he had to go loo at the end of the evening cos he wasn't supposed to take too much raw food since his stomach is always so sensitive.. haaa.....
The solemnisation table setup outside Gallery Room, in the Courtyard..
The non-air con changing room...=) Anybody realised that they actually placed the table over the toilet bowl??!! hahaha... Yeah... that's right! The flush button & toilet roll are still visible cos they can't hide that one..hahaa...luckily, it has 2 fans inside..hehe..The jazz band having a break in the courtyardThese 2 drinks are the specialty that day.. Bro and I esp. like the yellow ginger cocktail as it's really refreshing!Gallery Room at night.. =)
Each couple will also get a heart-shaped clay container as a gift after the end of the programs.
Overall, the event is considered quite successful :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Photoshoot Day 17-7-09

I have finally finished my photoshoot last Friday 17-7-09!
That day, BB and I arrived at Marina Square and had our breakfast at Mac at 8am.. We left for Bliss Bridal shop at 9am because I thought our appointment was 9am.
When we reached the place, it was in darkness! I then realised I have remembered the timing wrongly as it was supposed to be 930am instead. hee... so we went to the Coffeeclub downstairs and sat there to wait for them. Big Breakfast...hee...
see...not opened yet...we're the 1st customers of the day!!
930am sharp: The photoshoot studio opened shop on time and Lihua and Xinyan were already there. One bride was also already sitting there. Lihua is a very nice, pretty and chirpy lady and she asked me to go loo first afterwhich she started to do the makeup for me while the groom just sits and wait for his turn.. :p

me with this cute 'stick-on' ribbon, while Lihua's busy finding makeup for me..heehe..
My 1st Indoor Evening gown look.. =) sweet pink
BB's 1st look to match me! *pink cravat*
About 1015am: Steven arrived and he talked to us about the photoshoot venues and photography styles that we wanted afterwhich, he then went to prepare the studio setup. He's also a very friendly man who knows how to crack jokes. We hit it off with him pretty well and I know we are in good hands as he has many years of photography experience (abt 10 yrs of wedding photography experience at least + in the middle of which he also took on commercial photoshoots for a few yrs).
My 2nd look - Actual Day Evening Gown
BB with dark maroon cravat to match mine too
My 3rd look - Princessy Wedding Gown
I felt like a model that day because time is precious and I have 5 indoor gowns to shoot. haha.. and I gotta change my outfit and hairdo fast. I took pics of all my gowns and hairdo EXCEPT..... my Actual Day Wedding Gown and Outdoor Day Gown!!! SOBSOBSOB..... because we're in a rush and BB forgot to take for me.... Nvm lor... you all will get to see them when the photoalbum is ready :)
Me with 5th look (Indoor)...omitted 4th look as it was the Actual Day Wedding Gown look
415pm: We got ready to go out for our Outdoor shoot. It was a cloudy day and it was not raining and so we're quite lucky..hehe.. and we 'zoomed' around in a Mercedes car with a chatty driver. haa...
First stop: St. Andrews' Cathedral
While shooting there, one lorry van drove past us and the passenger at the passenger's seat leaned his whole head out and shouted "CONGRATS!!!" so loudly, that I returned his surprised sudden greeting with a huge wave of my flower bouquet. hahaa... Then he leaned out again and waved happily back. (*^o^)
Then there was also an indian (foreign) lady who requested to take a photo of BB and I..hee...
BB's outdoor Day look..haha...he purposely chose a bow tie.. *faint*
2nd stop: Hort Park
This is my 1st time there at the hub and it was a really nice experience! I LOVE the greenery there and as it was not sunny, Steven said that this brings out the colors of the greenery even better! He showed us previews of our shots too and it was very nice.. hee..
I also like the shots at the spiral staircase...very very nice...and also romantic. :)
It was about 615pm when we ended our shoots at Hort Park and I then changed into my own evening gown which I brought along for the shoot. hee.. SO in fact, I have 7 change of gowns for that day!!
Hort Park has this baby changing room big enough for u to change your gowns and there's a big mirror outside, so it's very good!
Last stop: Clarke Quay
We had our night shoot at Clarke Quay and we were very much in time to capture the beautiful sunset nightsky with hinges of orange, purple and pink and blue... :)
Our night shots are mostly "COOL" styles, i.e. no smile...ahhaa... act cool lor... hopefully I don't turn out fierce... *lol*
About 745pm, we ended our shoot for the day and headed back to the studio.
Overall, it was a very nice experience and not as hectic and tiring as I thought it would be.
Me with my own 7th gown - Cheongsum style mermaid gown that can also be worn as a tube gown instead of the 'cheong-sum collar' hehe..This pic is taken after our photoshoot when we were back at the studio..
Just remember brides, to bring along 1 pair of slippers (which I wore the whole day because the gown practically covers our legs and can't be seen!! hehe.. and also it makes walking so much easier! I only changed into my black lace heels during night shoots when it revealed my legs..hee..)
Also bring 1 water bottle with straw, tissue papers, blotters too.

Other than that, nothing else to bring except yourselves and props (if any). heeheh..

For guys, just bring along your shirts (of diff colors which u think may be able to match the bride's gown) and shoes. The rest of the things like vest, tie,jackets etc are all provided by the shop!! I didn't know about this so I 'forced' BB to buy 1 silver tie as backup..hahaha....but he brought along 5 diff shirts to match me lor... =p

For brides, accessories wise are all taken care of by the shop. Just bring your heels and slippers will do.
And actually, if you're wearing covered-toe shoes, it's not necessary to do pedicure for your feet!! Otherwise, it's just a waste of money as really... you won't be able to see much of your toes anyway.
I regretted abit for doing pedicure..hahaa... my $20 just flew away for pedicure..:p
At least for manicure (which I did French manicure), there's some closeup shots of my hands..hahaha...

Hope the above info helps you all!! manicured hand...*sorry, if u look closer, I had 'destroyed' part of it due to my violence during the photoshoot.. (>_<)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Personalised Chocolate Favours 15-7-09

I was surfing the net today and found an interesting wedding favor which can be found under

I just find the cartoon images of the wedding party group so cute! And you can choose different designs of the wedding party ranging from pageboys to bestmen etc and tag a name underneath their cartoon pic! =p

This lets me thinking of doing something similar for an extra wedding favor..hehe...*winks*

Villa Halia @ Botanical Gardens Wedding Showcase 13-7-09

I have just received an email from Villa Halia @ Botanical Gardens yesterday, informing me that there'll be a wedding showcase at their restaurant this coming Sunday.
This is their first wedding showcase, and there's going to be food tasting, a short wedding presentation and music to relax to, as well as a tour around its premises. ^_^

You can also find photographers who also are specialised in photojournalistic photography there! Of cos, I reckon they'll be giving special packages if u sign up with them that day! =)
Example: LightedPixels Photography (
39 East Photography (

Interested parties, pls feel free to email me at and I'll forward you the details!!

Wedding Showcase at Villa Halia (Botanical Gardens)
Date: 19 July 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Cost: S$38 per couple

*The Courtyard -- photo by LightedPixels*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Presenting my Sweet-Heart Rose Penstand 13-7-09

Yeah~~ I've finally completed my Sweet-heart Rose Penstand yesterday evening!!
I also did up my pens.. (Disney pens)..hehe... except I don't have the metal things to clip the Bling Initials of "A" and "S" to the pens..
I will go and buy or look for alternatives over these few days!! ^_^
The materials.... (>_<)>

The Completed Penstand!! Yippee~~~

(Taken with Flash)Oops...can see the 2 holes hidden inside...haha...

Penstand with my 2 Disney Wedding Pens (Back view) hehe..

Penstand with Disney Wedding Pens (Front view)

Final gown fitting 12-7-09

I had my final gown fitting on last Sunday. And I'm allowed to take pictures of all my gowns..haha.. so here they are.. :)

My Actual Day Wedding Gown =) hmm... They had a veil to cover the bling bling belt temporarily for now as a protection..cos they're scared that the blings crystals will drop off..haha...

Back View of my Actual Day Wedding Gown

My Actual Day Evening Gown

My Actual Day Evening Gown (Back View)

My Halter-neck Indoor Photoshoot Wedding Gown

Back View of the Halter-neck Gown

2nd Indoor Photoshoot Flowery Wedding Gown (I love this sweet gown..hee..)

My Outdoor Photoshoot Gown (hmm..looks abit plain without the belt...)

Here's the version with the belt...haha..This is the silver belt..but I requested for a baby pink BIG LONG ribbon belt already...hee....but I didn't take any pics of the pink belt *pity..:(* At the same time, as I can't decide which color belt I may want to use..I also requested to take a dull green and this silver belt out with me for the photoshoot..haha...

The 6th light sweet pink evening gown for indoor photoshoot.. I initially choose this as my AD evevning gown..but later, I changed to the dark maroon one due to advices from friends and family =)'s the ROM one which I WANTED SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! It's so nice.... BUT BUT BUT.... *sadz...* someone has already taken this gown for her ROM which is 1 day before mine... :(:( sobz....

Sooo..... I decided to choose this peach pink gown instead... sorry... the lighting didn't really show the gown's true color..hee....
Anyway, the gown has in fact a pretty long train..but Jenny told me that it can actually be 'shorten' (shown in this pic) by clipping the extra train to the back of the waist area (hidden with clips) hahaha...

After the fitting, we had a snack at Secret Recipe... here's BB with a BlackForest Cake..

I...think I ordered a Chocolate Strawberry cake (can't really remember the name...) hee...