Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today, didn't go to work.. partly due to sickness and also have no mood or moral to go work.
Went to see doc, and was given 2 day's MC to rest... Thanks Dr Koh..

Did pretty much nothing at home..sleep after the medicine.... then woke up with slightly swollen eyes due to tearing all night yesterday..
But after waking up, and talking to BB, I've enlightened and have new hope for myself and the future.

It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, for what's important is now and what I'm going to do to overcome these terrible obstacles.

Started to prepare my resume...have sent them out and posted them online...
After thinking so much, have finally decided to take a step out to explore better opportunities, afterall, I've been with the bank for 4 years. It's time for me to move on either to a new department or to a new bank.

BB has been very understanding and supportive of me. He gave me lots of advice and encouragement and stood by me when I needed him and his comfort.
He came over to meet me and initally wanted to treat me to ice-cream (cos ice-cream and chocolates make me happy). But cos family wants to go eat steamboat, so we changed our plans.

It really cheered me up to be able to see BB. =) Thanks dar! Really appreciated it. :)

Okie.. gotta go start searching jobs le..:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bonus letter day

Sighz.. it's such a demoralizing sad day for me... arrgghh....
Can't believe I can live it through with a big fake smile... haa...
Got the letter from Big boss today...
It's so sad when I opened it..
Actually, I kinda expected the outcome and have prepared myself mentally for this day, so I didn't over-react. I just 'lived' it through like any other day.
But definitely, it was such a mind struggling battle thing inside my mind.

3's been 3 years since I got my last bonus... I can't swallow and feel so demoralised when I think about this.
Friends were like telling me " Hey! It's time to move on! Why stay in such a company when your bosses doesn't recognise your effort and work?"
I have thought about this many times, but I chose to stay because kept thinking to myself that in this new department (which I just joined in july 2006), the new boss will appreciate.

But somehow or rather, have faced a terrible boss (not referring to my Big boss - she's a very nice person, but somehow, she's been affluenced by my direct *F*** boss).
Last yr, I told myself, I will see how I fare for this yr, if it's still the same, I will move on.

Indeed, I am seriously considering..
Sighz... God help me decide.... :-

Monday, March 17, 2008

Boring Monday

It's Monday again! SO tired... but luckily now Tuesday's coming! ^^
Today's so busy with work... sighz... so many things to do.. Reports....BAU...

Anyway, looking forward to learning new things from our SSU team this thursday. Poor Soh Khuan's on 2 day's leave because of her backpain which caused her tremendous pain and she's going for her X-Ray checkup. Hope she'd be fine..

Had lunch at Golden Shoe usual..the crowd's still as many as the last time I frequent there 2 years back... :)
Wanted to try the Soya Bean milk..but the queue is sooooo darn long!! Will try next time if I leave office earlier. =)

Today, Big Boss giving out the bonus letter.. but as it was already past the office hours, I told her I will take tomorrow.. so many things to say to her.. but duno how to start..sighz.. see how it goes la... me prepared for the worst!!

Met dear after work at Causeway pt.. yeah.. think will be able to meet him more often since he's changed job to Woodlands. =)

Oki.. so tired now.. sleeping...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday @ Vivocity

Was out at Vivocity with BB on saturday 15-3-08.

We watched "THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES".. I would say, I'd give it 4 stars out of 5. It's an awesome one especially since I love movies that involve magic/fantasy stuffs. hee... ^^

Do catch it when you have the time!

One thing I must say, Freddie Highmore (the child actor) did an excellent job playing the twins! He's able to portray the twins with different personalities very well!! Amazing young actor who has a good future ahead! ^^

Before the movie, we had some free time, so had lunch at Marche. I quite like the ambience there and it has a 'country-cottage style' furniture theme, and I find the 'cow skin' chairs very cute! hahaa... See below for some cam-whoring!! hee ^^

Strawberry Smoothie!*Slurrp*

Marche Crepe with Ham & Morzerella Cheese

Rosti with Fruit Punch!

Cottage theme

"Cow Skin" Chair!

More cow-skin chairs

Dear stealing my drink!!

Then, that day happened to be a COSPLAY day. Event was held at the open space on the top deck of Vivocity. hee.. Din take pics with those people cos it was so hot!!! But took some secret shots of them..haa...

See any nurses?!hee..

Who's this ghostly fig!! haaa...running away frm me.

After movie, we ate dinner at KIMGARY Restaurant. It was forever so long queue.. but it was quite fast. Managed to get a window seat but it was so packed and we were practically sharing tables with another couple! Darn~~!

Food-wise, not bad and price reasonable.

Dear's mushroom porkchop rice. Nice!

My Cheese Baked Chickenchop rice.. not bad, so-so

Mango-Coconut duno what drink.. :p

Yeah..after dinner, it's SHOPPING time!!

Bought a pair of black shorts from F21, a vintage mirror and container @ Daiso for storing my collection of earrings. (*^_^)m

The loot will be put up next time! :p

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunny Friday fast.. it's Friday again!

For the past few days, it's been raining and raining for the whole day.. and the temperature at night is so cool..or rather cold I would say cos it's 22 deg or so. It's reported as the lowest temp in Singapore for the month of March in history.

But this morning, Mr Sun is back again! (*^_^) Glad that it came back becos our clothes are so hard to dry with the cold weather and mom's grumbling..hahaa...

Today's a good day and managed to settle the matter with the staff and hope everything will be fine! Glad there's no hard feelings ^^

Gees, Wiwi's going back to Indonesia and clearing her block leave there. We're going to MISS you!! *hint hint* Donuts ya.. hahaa...

Met her boyfriend at Coffeebean waiting for her during lunch and we called out "AMIN! AMIN!!" But there's no response from him..haha.. abit we went up to tap him on the shoulders. :p Luckily he can still recognise us.

Oh well, today's office, there's "no government".. haha.. cos all the big bosses are not in office, either on leave or in Penang's office. So abit more relaxed.

Gathering with Cynthia and gang was cancelled cos a few can't make it. Even I was having dizzy spells earlier in the morning.. *must be the new contact lens that caused me giddiness* :(

But was better in the noon..

yeah, tmr can meet BB! Today's his last day of work with Hitachi and he's going to start new job on Tuesday. Whoopppee! Tmr's going to watch "The Spiderwick Chronicles" at Vivocity. Will review it here again. ^^

tata for now..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isetan Quarterly Sale went for the Isetan sale with my colleague and we were there earlier cos our training course ended early at 5pm. ^^

We headed straight for the umbrellas section cos we already had in mind and are aiming for the $13 bucks brolly.. :p but oh many aunties also there flipping here and we also do the same.. :p They only have limited colors leh...the nicer ones costs $50??!! Gosh.. dun wanna spend $50 or 80 bucks for a brolly thou.hee... so in the end, I chose bright orange and Sharon chose purple and we helped Kim buy the pink one. ^^

Then we headed to the cosmetics section...heard the raves about the Clarin's queried abit *though the salesgirl not very helpful and no smiles --> tink cos too many ppl and dun wanna entertain us* and bought the new sunscreen for $56 after 20% disc.. yeah..then got $5 vouchers each cos we combined our items to meet the $100 criteria to get $10 voucher. So good lor, we use the voucher to offset our umbrellas' price..haha... end up paying only $6+ cos I still got the additional 3% off for Isetan card holders.. *woooohhoooo*

Then we shopped around before settling in Big "O" for dinner. Sharon and I had a long chat and time flew so fast! It's already 10pm when we realised.. geez...

Okie, now going to transfer pics of Seng Hwee's birthday celebration on 6-3-08 at Waraku @ MS to my thumbdrive else tmr kena scolded by Sharon they all..hahaha....

promise to post photos again...geez... these few days so busy... tmr headache again in the morning due to some work problems.. HAIZ~~~~~

hopefully, everything turns out fine... What I can say is..being a team lead is not an easy job!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sighz... It's a cold day today... Bbrrr.... been raining since the afternoon and whole day, it's been gloomy.

Went for a meeting at OC South today in the morning at 930am.. As the meeting ended early, my colleagues and I had some free time, so we went down to the Recreation club located at the basement to try on the OSIM massage chairs.

Ahhh... it was supposed to make me feel more relaxed when I chose the program for "Stiff shoulders"..but gosh.. :( after the session of 8 mins, we decided to go back office..and just as I stepped out on the road..the worst thing came.. I started to feel giddy.. *grrrr**

But I pulled myself together and told myself to hold on till I reached office. Darn! It was terrible.

After I reached office, the world seems like spinning around me.. I can't hold it any longer and headed for the toilet and became "Merlion" *puking*.. but after the session, felt much better. Guessed I stayed too long in the toilet, so my colleague was asking others if they saw me. hahaha... She thought I had fainted cos I told her I felt giddy earlier on.

So she went to the toilet and found me bending over the basin, washing my mouth. hahaa...
*Thanks Kee Chin! You're so funny.. told me your heart skipped a beat when you found me MIA*...heehee...

Anyway, now as I'm writing.. I still feel abit giddy.. gosh.. it just reminds me of the earthquake tremor that I've experienced 3 times last yr and 1 time this yr a few weeks back.

Oki... resting soon... can't wait for Friday to come!!

Yeah.. Thursday, going to Isetan private sale with Sharon after our training! Going to hit for the umbrella store! hahaha... Will update again! :p

Monday, March 10, 2008

MingTao & WanJun's Wedding 8-3-08

Yep, I attended 2 weddings consecutively on friday and saturday last week... :p haha... I must say it's rather tiring but I enjoyed myself on Saturday 8-3-08 (International Woman's Day), even though Mingtao and WanJun are not my direct friends.. hehe.. got to know them through my dear. ^^

By the way, Mingtao and WJ are JC frens, and dear with most of the others are Dunman sec and then TPJC classmates of WJ.

It was really a star-studded event because MingTao's dad is a producer from MediaCorp. Wedding's held at Marina Mandarin Hotel Ballroom 1. Quite a number of celebrities turned up, e.g. Zeng Si Mei, Lin Xiang Ping, Xiang Yun, Cao Guo Hui, Pan Ling Ling and her husband, Zheng Ge Ping, Liu Qianyi and some others. They were seated at the far end of the room, haha.. so didn't really have a chance to take photos of them, but then again... *heh heh* I managed to take a few secret "zoom in" snapshots of the stars when they walked past!! hohoho... Videos too. :p

Anyway, I was seated with dear at table 29 out of abt 40 to 60 tables, with GuangKai, Dave, ZhengNan and his gf, Gracia & bf and Guo Wei and Angeline. *hope I didn't spell any of your names wrongly ya* It's real fun sitting together with them especially with Dave, GK and Zhengnan cos we all can talk 'cok"... hahhaa... Dave like Yvonne Lim sooo much that he sent an sms that was to be posted on the projector screens (which was meant for greetings for the married couple!!) and he excitedly pointed out the sms which read "Yvonne Lim, you look so pretty today." and self-declared loudly that it was sent by him.. hahaa...and he even said Yvonne and he are having "underground Love" and so she's shy to reply to the screen "Thank you". *hahaa* (^_^)m
Not to lose out, GK blurted he likes Zeng SiMei and that she walked past our table purposely because she wanted to take a quick glance at him! Gosh!! These 2 guys ah!!.. ahhaa...

I think the couple made a lot of preparation for this event which is very successful. I really enjoyed the creative Video montage of the groom getting ready for the gate-crashing in the morning that day. They even use props from "DEAL or NO DEAL" to put their hongbao inside the suitcase and set a deal with the JieMeis. hahhaa... so funny!

MingTao also did a romantic solo play of the piano on "Wo Yuan Yi" for WanJun, to show his love for her... And after "Encores" from the audience, he did another song "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" with WanJun. Guessed they're so nervous cos their voices are trembling.. hehe...
**How I wish my future husband can do that for me too** so romantic and touching**

After the wedding, our table people together with the rest of the other sec/JC frens of WJ & MT, went up to their room for "Nao4 Dong4 Fang2". hahaa.. We meant to give them a surprise and we sent Guowei to be our 'undercover". The surprise was considered quite successful except for the part when Dave was spotted by WJ when the door opened. hahaa..
MT was already kinda drunk after downing so many glasses of red wine and Guowei's face was like a red lobster!

We stayed till about 12+am before taking cab home. And oh ya, heard that ZhengNan's proposing to his gf on that day (no wonder he said got something on and cant join us in the suite). So hope he's successful!!! (^o^)p

Jeannie!! I forgot to take a photo with you that day!!! It's so Qiao3!! The world's so small and you happened to be MT's sec sch fren. hehe... Anyway, BB said you have become prettier and he couldn't recognise you. ^o^ kekeke.... Keep in touch ya.. and hope to have a meal with you soon cos we've been planning to do so for ages but seems qute hard to co-ordinate a time. :p

Oki, photos coming soon! Stay tuned.. ^^

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My 1st Blog & XiaoHui's Wedding

Me and the beautiful Fair Bride!!

4 JieMeis and the Pretty Bride

On 7-3-08 (Friday), it's my best and longtime friend -- Xiaohui's customary wedding day.

I was asked to be her Jiemeis. Have to wake up early at 5am to prepare..hahaa... but I arrived alittle late by 15mins at her house. *guess I had her worried because I didn't reply to her wakeup sms in the morning*haha...sorrie Ah Hui!!! (>_<)p

123 Pose!!!

It was fun preparing the "set meal" for the groom and his 'brothers" who will be coming for the gatecrashing later at 830am. The set meal consists of "Suan Tian Ku La -- Sour,Sweet,Bitter and Spicy" ingredients, of course, we hiked up the ingredients to make them taste the extreme! Even I myself don't dare to's horrible..hahahhaa.....but then again, the objective of this is to bring across the message to the groom -- that it's not easy to win our bride and he has to overcome the obstacles first!!

We had alot of fun that day though it's tiring...the JieMeis are Susin, Veron, Peiyin and myself. The brothers..sorry, I donno their names.. but I know one of them is great at drawing characters in comic forms!! And one of them is the "Ku3 Ming4 Ge1" --hahhaa.. cos he himself declared that he's very bitter tolerant.. hahaha.... so, the bitter course of the meal is left for him to finish! :p Oh ya.. not forgetting, he's also the one carrying the "donno how many kg' medium-sized $400++ prized roasted pig from Ah hui's house to her new house! Great job man!!! Hooray!

Wazup there?!!

Wedding dinner was held at Furama Riverfront hotel. We arrived early at 2pm and grabbed this time to take a short nap before the evening event starts again..hee..

Dear arived early at the hotel at 6+pm... sorrie dear... have to make u wait cos I was at the reception.. (^__^)m and ya...poor dear... he was 'duped' by the taxi drivers who brought him to the wrong Furama Citycentre hotel at chinatown...hee.... then he hafta take another cab again. Waste of money... taxi fare these days not cheap leh...*blehs*

I was seated with our Jurong secondary school friends. It was almost 10+ years since I've met some of them... gosh! But they haven't changed much... There's ChengJie, Jiehui and his wife, MeiShan (JJC fren), Jocelyn (JJC). Diana (JSS) didnt manage to turn up due to last min appointment.

Anyway, after the dinner, we went up to the suite to "nao4 Dong4 Fa4" hehehe.....But I only stayed a while before I took my things and headed home with dear. So tired man.... ^^

Pose in her suite at night, me so tired..haa...

This day 7-3-08, happens to be my 3rd anniversary with dear.. He told me that he wanted to bring me to Clarke Quay and buy a cake to celebrate (no wonder he kept asking if I'm tired or not before wedding ends) but I was quite tired after the whole day's event...

But I was quite surprised and touched that BB had bought some lovely chocolates for me (as a backup plan) hee...He took effort to try to give me a surprise as he wanted to hide it first and wait for me to find it out..hahaa.. but the plan failed!!! Cos he thought I went to toilet to wash face, but I suddenly went back to my room to take something and caught him in the act trying to hide the chocolates..hahaha..... But... Thanks dear... I appreciated it! Muacks!

Oh yes... this's my 1st post of the year!! hee... meant to post it yesterday during International Woman's day 8-3-08..hee...but then...nvm...

Anyway, will be uploading more photos soon..(*^_^)