Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Display Shoutout Board Part 2 (24-8-09)

It’s OSIM day again…
Wondering what OSIM means? It’s a term I learned from Ms Xixi…

It means “Oh Shit It’s Monday”…
ya..brand new start of a week and think probably a lot of people will feel the Monday Blues…

Anyway, I finally completed my Shout-Out Display board today! ^_^
I also made a deposit payment for the cupcakes to my vendor liao..heehee….
And I shall be meeting my JP this coming Sunday!! So fast ya…
Oki… shall try to do some green ‘leaves’ for the 100 stalks of flowers as a final touchup. Haha…

No flashlight version
Back of my display board. The ribbons are for tying to the easel..hee..
Flashlight version

Display Shoutout Board Part 1 (23-8-09)

Today is a rainy day, very suitable for sleeping.
I practically snoozed the entire morning and early afternoon, but of cos was being ‘disturbed’ by loud noises and woke up a few times.

I went shopping again at Tampines 1 in the afternoon with BB and bought myself a nice blouse from MULAN and also the NIVEA new extra whitening lotion..haha…cos trying to gain back my “fairness” after getting the tan from the OSIM Trialthlon sometime back.

When I reached home that night, I quickly did a start on my Shout-Out Display Board. Hee… I completed it before I’ll leave it to the next day for some touch-ups!

Wedding design wrapping paper to act as base for my board
Materials needed for the display board

Wedding Label Stickers for favors Part 2 (22-8-09)

Here's the preview on my wedding favors after I've finished pasting all the stickers on them..hehe..

The "pink" is the front part and the "blue" is the back part of the jar...^_^

Collection of Signoria Free Photo Album & Portrait Part 1 (22-8-09)

We were supposed to get our photo album and portrait from Signoria today.
And to all BTBs… I have some feedback to make about this bridal shop!!!!

Arrgghhh…. They have super bad customer service…yucks…..
They didn’t bother to give us a call to inform us that our album are ready for collection since 2 weeks ago until I called them up to check!

Oki… this is small matter..
but what really makes me fumed up is that when we went to collect, do u know what we saw?!!!

Our portrait picture is the wrong photo! It wasn’t the one we’ve selected!
Not only that, even the album pics arrangement order are wrong!... OMG… what sloppy work they have!

I have specifically told them during selection of pics time that I want my pics to be in certain numbering orders and the guy even wrote down the numbering order behind the pics.
He even made a mark on the pic that is supposed to be for the portrait.
DARN… I forgot his name…he’s supposed to be the graphic designer lor….

So I told him about their mistakes and he said will change for me but will need to wait for another 3 weeks. Gosh….
They have such differential treatments for lucky draw winners and REAL customers of their shop!
I bet they will sure treat the customers who spent tons of money at their shop compared to those who are on a budget!

Blehs… How will I even dare to recommend this bridal shop to my friends who are also getting married?
And they also ended up spending more time and money to re-do the portrait and album.


Belated Bday Celebration for Wiwi (21-8-09)

Went out with OCAS gang today and had dinner at AglioOlio at China Square.
It’s a cosy little restaurant outlet for spagettis. The food and price is reasonable and taste-wise is also not bad. =)

After the dinner, we headed out to Boat Quay’s pub for a drink and KTV with some games.
This outing is actually to celebrate a belated Birthday for our dear Wiwi.
She’s getting married next year in September! ^_^
I’m excited for her too..hee… don’t know if she’ll be holding 2 banquets? One in SG and another in Indonesia?

We did some cam-whoring at Boat Quay before we ended the day….yawnz.. I get tired so easily these days.. :p

Flowers for Guests' Tables Part 2 (20-8-09)

Today, I’ve finished doing all my roses!! All 129 of them!!
Ahhh… can’t believe it myself..haha..

Initially, I only wanted to do 88 flowers..but I mis-calculated and ended up with 129 of them..hahaha….

hmm.. but then, I haven’t do another maybe about 10 stalks of green ‘leaves’ yet.
Probably will finish them by next Wednesday.
I had to rush them out because I’m meeting OCAS gang tmr and gotta pass them to Sharon as she’s the one assigned to bring the items on ROM day. :p

Got a Shock at Work today (19-8-09)

Met BB after work at Raffles City cos I was telling him how sad and bored I was at work today. This was only my 4th day at work at my new company when I had a shocking news in the afternoon before lunch.

Gosh… My boss told me that he’s leaving end of the month cos just received news from Head Office that they want to ‘change’ management. Together with him, another 6 management heads are going getting the ‘axe’….
It’s just so sudden and so shocking…
I am also at a loss now becos I am not sure who am I going to report to or will there be any changes to my job scope…Sigh….

Anyway, I bought a red tissue gift wrap at Raffles City basement today for $1.20 after mom told me that some red roses will be pretty.
So I’m adding these red roses for deco use on the couple chairs at the Solemnisation table.

Wedding Label Stickers for favors Part 1 (16-8-09)

Yeah! Received my wedding label stickers today from Kenny (BB’s cousin)!
So fast.. I only emailed him the template on last Friday and within 2 days, the stickers are out!
It’s so nice and beautiful!!! Hahaa… show u a glimpse first…

1st Meetup with Jenny of Copthorne King's Hotel (15-8-09)

We’ve an apptmt with Jenny of Copthorne King’s hotel today @5pm to choose our wedding favors, cards and table runners’ colors.
Before that in the early noon, BB and I have wanted to go to the “Da Vinci The Genius” exhibition at Science Centre.
But when we arrived there at 2+pm, the queue was so long and we queued for nearly an hr before we decided to gif up becos we won’t have enuf time to tour the exhibition. By the time we are able to go in, which will be 420pm, as we have to leave the place at 445pm.

See the queue??!!

Met Jenny and confirmed on the things… I requested her to bring my parents up to the Bridal Suite to take a look too.

Flowers for Guests' Tables (13-8-09)

Today, I started on my project on the DIY flowers for the tables for ROM.
Here’s how they look like.

Colored Tissue/Wrapping papers, scissors, double-sided tape, floral tape, chopsticks(which I’ve previously painted some of them green)

ROM Invitation Cards Part 2 (12-8-09)

Yesterday 11-8-09 was my last day of service with SIF.
Can’t say much about my feelings because I’ve only been there for a year and I’ve not developed ‘deep close’ feelings like I did with my colleagues in OCBC, except I’ve made a few good friends like Ms Xixi, James, boss and Ms xuanxuan (who left but we still kept in touch!).

I’ll be resting for 2 days before I start work at my new place on Friday!
Sigh… I really hate this kind of transition period especially when I have so many things on hand to do….
I just want to complain loudly that I made huge sacrifices lor… because I gave up on my Marriage Leave (I cant take ML in new company as policy states that I nid to be wif them for at least 1 yr before I can take my ML and it has to be taken during and for my 1st legal marriage… L ) and my entire annual leave (meaning to say, it’s been almost 2 yrs since I’ve taken any block leave…L )
I’m so sad.. Why 2 years u may ask? Becos for 1st half of 2008 in OC, I haven’t taken my AL, then Jun I joined SIF and wasn’t allowed to take leave till 6 mths later after confirmation and then now I joined new place and will hafta serve another 6 mths probation.. so I can only clear block leave next yr Feb onwards……
Which also means to say I have to postpone my honeymoon till next yr….SIGH… BIG SIGH…. But the only comfort that I have is that I will have 26 AL at my new place.
Gotta look fwd and not backward in life ya…

Anyway, Finally completed doing all the ROM wedding invites – envelopes!
All 30 of them..hahaha.. actually, I’m only required to do 25 envelopes, but I kiasu and did an extra 5. just in case, we decided to invite more ppl. :p
I spent the entire day cutting papers, flowers and doing all those pasting!!
It’s really no joke to do the envelopes… phew… it’s so tiring!

Happy 44th Birthday SINGAPORE! 9-8-09

It’s National Day!
HAPPY 44th BIRTHDAY to Singapore!
Today, BB and I will be going to Asian Civilisations Musuem as he’s invited by the NS peeps to join in the celebration.
The event starts at 4pm and we reached at about 5pm before distribution of the goodie bags start at 530pm.
This’s our 1st time at this museum and it happened to be free admission for that day. J
Here’s some pics!

WHAT's YOUR DREAM for SINGAPORE??? Penn your wishes here and pin it to the 'map' of Singapore!
Here's BB and mine! Mine's the blue one and BB's the green one..hee...
Here's a funny one from...... I can't see his name..haha...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Discussion @ Villa Halia 8-8-09

Today, I decided to gather all the jiemeis at Villa Halia to let them have a view of how my ROM venue feels and looks like. BB was late that day, so I was the one who did the liaising with Elizabeth that day.

Liz was surprised to see me with a whole gang of girls and she joked that she felt “threatened”. Hahaa… Anway, we also learnt that she’s getting married in October and though she said she’s very busy these days, she managed to book all her vendors during the ‘dry run’ she had at the Villa Halia wedding showcase. Hahaa… But her vendors are quite on the high side, eg. She booked Clarence Lee as her makeup artist wor!

Just when the discussion was about to end, BB turned up. He was sweating all over
(p.s: He can’t find the bus at Orchard MRT that goes to Botanic Gdns..and so he ended up walking all the way there…hahaa…)

Liz then showed us the way to the Bandstand which she said she’d also be taking her vows there.
We took some pics before we disbanded and BB & I headed to Bedok to look at curtains with his mom.

We ended up shortlisting 1 vendor but we didn’t buy that day as the man would drop by at BB’s place the next day to measure and discuss on the quotation again.
I decided to take more photos of the scrapbook that I've bought..hee... quite excited about this scrapbook album....^_^

The different layout samples shown on this over-view. :)
More layouts samples...
Here's the deco thingys...many more inside that pack...
See.... here's more deco thingys!
The front design of the album

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Selection Day @ Moments Studio (2-8-09)

Finally, the day of the photo-selection for the wedding album came!
Out appointment with Moments Studio was 3pm and I remembered we were there on time but we didn't realise that our photo-selection would take so long...hahaa... and we ended up spending exactly 5 hours there!

We had to choose 30 pictures (a.k.a. poses) from the 300+ pictures. Woah... not an easy task ya.. BB and I were quite determined to only select 30 pics for the album and not topup any pages or pics unless we really really really like the pictures. So we created different folders in their pc and separate those "Chosen" ones from the rest.

I was not exactly happy with the service provided by Moments, probably due to 3 major factors:-
1) Was kinda 'pissed off' with their optical mouse which keeps turning off by itself. Sigh..later Kim who served us told us that it's actually running low on battery and they don't have spare batts!! So in the end, they had to take out the rechargable batts from the keyboard to charge for 30 mins before replacing the low batt mouse with them. Afterwhich, we are not able to create new folders in the pc as there's no batt for the keyboard. Sigh... (not a big issue though)

2) We were told by Kim that if we want additional full page picture Or Pose, they'll charge us S$85 per picture/pose. I then asked her how much will the soft copies (unedited) cost? And she said S$15 per photo.
She tried to come up with a package for us (she didnt hard-sell), i.e. we can choose another 40-45 pics (cant really rem what's the number already) to make it into another album. That means we'll have 2 albums in total and we need to topup S$2880. *faint* Nah.. there's no way we're going to fork out so much money for that!

So after we've selected our 30 pics for our album, we chosen another 30 more, working our sums based on $15 per pc.
After we've chosen the extra 30, BB asked her again how much would the extra 30 soft copies be. This time round, we were shocked! when she said S$20 per piece! WTH... how can she anyhow raise up the price?!!!
So we rebutted that it was supposed to be $15! Then she did abit of calculations before she agreed to that price. Yuckz.... hate this!

3) Then she told us that since we have 30 poses for the album, she'll arrange for the album layout design to be 20 pages. I was like "HUH? how can it be 20 pages??!! I don't remember seeing 20 pages indicated on my receipt/contract!" But I didn't say a word because I forgot to bring my receipt along that day.

When I got home, I quickly searched for the receipt and was THRILLED and yet ANGRY to see that it was written 28 pages (30 poses). And furthermore, since I didnt do any MTM gowns, I get another 2 pages/2 poses free.

Sooo.... yesterday 4-8-09, I called up Jenny and was referred to "Shuqin" of Moments Studio which I later found out that she is actually Kim herself. I told her my issues and she did a check and returned to inform me that in this case, I can either opt for 30 pages (30 poses) OR 28 pages (32 poses).
I chose the first one instead since they're able to do their own design layout for me and also I feel that I'd rather pay for a full page photo rather than 2 photos in 1 page kind of thing. those 3 issues are the turn-offs for me with Bliss Bridal Creations's photostudio.

Just also realised from ah hui that her bridal studio offered her ALL non-selected photos (unedited) for FREE!!! OMG.....on top of that, she'll still be getting her selected photos(edited) in soft copies too.. sighz... why can't BBC do the same too since they won't need those photos??!!
Otherwise, why can't they just let the remaining photos go to the couple at a very low price, say... $50????

Anyway..that aside.. we finally managed to take a group photo with Steven and Lihua! hehe..
Isn't Steven handsome for his age? hehee..
Lihua is also pretty!

OSIM Trialthlon 1-8-09

Last Friday 31-7-09, I met BB at ION Orchard to do some 'window' shopping before we went to meet his army pals.
We passed by this japanese store at the basement selling imported japanese stuff. hee... can't help but 'pestered' BB to buy 2 boxes of the japanese eclaire.. kekeke....

I haven't opened the boxes yet, so can't show u all the goodies inside. :p But don't u think that their packaging are very nice? hehe...
The shopping bag
The 2 boxes of Japanese Eclaire: Both are supposed to be the same just that the toppings for the top box is supposed to be fish tofu crumbs, and the bottom box is normal flakes. hee...
Both have choco and vanilla fillings.
The drawings are so nice... ^_^

Then the next day (Saturday 1 Aug 09), I ended up with a sunburnt 'chest' after going for the OSIM Trialthlon which was held at East Coast Park.
Ohhhh NooooOOO ~~~~~~ (+___+;)
Hope it'll recover soon cos it feels itchy and so red like a lobster... sob sob...

BB was tasked to do the 750m swim in the sea while his 2 colleagues are to do the 5km run and cycling.
I found it really amazing for those doing the swimming part because there were quite a number of 1st timers especially those participants who are women! I can't imagine myself swimming in the sea sia.... I'm a timid princess! HAHAHAH.... *but I can imagine those people's legs turning wobbly not on ground but in the sea, and looking like a jellyfish.. keke...*

BB was saying that participants for the next day's challenge would be doing the 1.5km swim which is double that of what he's swimming that day! Oh gosh.... that's such a super duper long distance!! *salutes those participants*
The running and cycling track...
The Yellow arc entrance for the Swim
Gathering for the call before the start of the swim..
I tried to capture the 'wide-ness' of the 750m swim..but unable to do so..hahaa... anyway, the white floats shows the boundary and swimmers are supposed to swim outside the borders of it. The are within the boundary is for warm-up exercises.
The White-caps started... can't remember how many groups are there.. but they're differentiated by the diff color caps they wore..
The pink-caps..I think these are the women.. lol.. can't remember what color they wore actually cos there's so many groups..
See the safety guards on standby, just in case anyone needs help back to the shore.
Alright.. here's BB's green-cap group Getting ready..hee...
Swim Swim...
More swim swims.... keke.. alamak..think alot of them got some 'fish-kicks' or 'frog-kicks' esp when they swam too close to one another..hahaha..
Yeah~~ BB completed!

Anyway, we went back at about 3pm and I finally bought my Scrapbook Album that evening from UrbanWrite! Woo hoo!! This scrapbook album is supposed to be my Guestbook too. hehe... So my next task would be to do some simple deco for the scrapbook as it already comes with made-ready deco-papers. ^o^