Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Own Unique DIY Logo

Heh... I've already started out on my DIY'ing of stuffs for the BIG day..
First off, is the LOGO =)
Muahaha... Our own unique Logo is finally OUT!! took me 1 day to draw and another 2 days to 'color' them...haha...but am really PLEASED with the results. Cute right?
Version 1 is the initial draft.

But after I saw the completed look with color on it, I thought to myself that I'm still not satisfied with my dress cos it looks plain ya? Ella aka Ms Yongxi, was the 1st to see it, and also agreed it's plain.. sooo... Me started again with Version 2!
Guess where I get my inspirations from? hahaa... It's from the PM figurine that BB gave and also from bridal mags.

After completion, next is to select my background and find a shape to encircle it. Ella suggested "Heart" shape but sigh, the border of the Heart shape is too thick after trying it at home , so I settled with the Circle one.. ^_^ Means Yuan2 Man3 - perfect love with no ending. *sounds cheesy ya?* hahaha....
Version 1: The Draft

TAA-DAA!!~~~ Here's Version 2: The Completed One

I may change the background again to perfectionize it. hahaa... I'm so fickle-minded!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belated post of Chinese New Year 2009

haha.. I know this is kinda late.. but wanted to post some pics which I took during this year's CNY's celebration. Our company held the CNY celebration on 5th Feb 09 on a Thursday evening @ our building's rooftop. Overall, it was a success! I even won 2 prizes..hahaa...

Before that, take a look at my nailart creation for CNY! Love the Bling Bling...hahah...

I'm the PICASSO of SIF - 1st prize! Yeah!
Wanna see what I drew?

Group Photo 1 (from left to right): Me, Yongxi, Sandy, Caroline, MeiChee
Group photo 2 : 5 beauties!

My prizes (top to bottom): lucky draw prize, 1st prize for my drawing!

My 1 week's supply of Bird nests... woohoo!

Here's my Koala trying to be KINGKONG gazing high at the Eifel Tower..... The wine tower belongs to our Ms *Hebe aka Sandy.hee... lucky draw prize lor.. so lucky....

Yongxi and Me with our prizes! DA FENG SHOU...hahaha

Cheryl N Ms *Ella aka Yongxi

Okie, actually am very late in posting for the below pics..haha...These are last X'mas's presents...
My gift (eye mask) for Ms Ella.. very cute hor!!

Me posing with the pink Precious Moments brolly gift from Ms Ella!..*hugs to Ella*

This's Ms Ella with her blue color Precious Moments Brolly...

Valentine's Day 2009 part 2

Here's some random pictures taken on V-Day. =)

Here's the present which BB bought for me... I love it to bits!!! because Precious Moments are my favourite!!

You're my dream come true... ^_^

Final pic of this gorgeous PM figurine!!

Valentine's Day 2009 part 1

Where did you all go to on St. Valentine's Day this year?(*^_^*)
Yesterday was a day whereby I saw so many couples all coming out on the streets..gosh..hahaa....They're everywhere! You can see girls carrying bouquets of flowers, and GUYs too..hee.. They poor thing, have to carry girl's bag and flowers too, on that day. What to do? It's practically a GIRL's day mah.. haa....

BB asked me to meet him at Suntec City's Giordano @ 5pm. He only came at 535pm!! argghh... anyway, while waiting for him, saw a funny thing! It's a pity that I forgot to take photo of it..hahaa...because I was busy laughing my head off. You know what? I was standing and waiting outside Giordano's manequins' display window there beside IORA. Then 1 family walked past and the little boy was giggling and pointing to his sister to look at the manequin beside and behind me. His sister glanced towards his pointed direction and giggled out loud. I was so curious and thought what happened and so looked behind lor..
It's actually the "MALE" manequin's pants has been either "pulled down" or "dropped by itself" to below his knees. hahaha... It looked so funny even though it's not a real man's! Saw a few more family/couple/friends walking by and said "Hey, his Ku4-Zi3 diao4 liao3" haha..

I decided to move away from that place cos if people anyhow take photos of me wif that manequin, then DIE liao'd look as if I'm the suspect!! ahhahaa....
Oki, finally BB arrived and looked apologetic. Me wasn't really angry la cos I know he's rushed down from his workplace to meet me. =p
So, the next place we went to was to explore LOVE & Co's wedding bands since I read from forums that theirs are very nice and they've wide selection of bands. Well, their place is really sooo beautiful and fit for a Princess like me. MUHAHAHA.... I especially like their big chandeliers which are hung at the center of their showroom.
One thing I like about Love & Co is that their SAs are friendly. :) Calvin (from Suntec's outlet) was the one who attended to us. We saw a couple of rings which we like alot. Me shortlisted 2 rings for myself - a chanel setting with diamonds surrounding half the band, and another one with 3 rows of diamonds surrounding half the band. If I remembered correctly, was quoted S$1728 and S$1200+ respectively. Calvin wrote the models for us and we told him we'll shop around first before making the decision. It's great there as we don't feel being "pushed" to buy. (^_^)p

As we left, I saw 1 pair of chunkier WBs which looked like those which Kings & Queens would wear as they're very BLING BLING! haha...BB said we can go in to try again but I told him nvm next time bah. So he brought me to the surprise venue for dinner..
His surprise venue is none other than Hog's Breath Cafe @ Chijmes. The 1st time we went there was last year's 3rd anniversary and the experience was good as the food was very nice. =)

Yesterday's menu was a 4-set course dinner.

Here's BB with the appetizer - Salad

Me with Passion Fruit Soda & Salad

The Main Course - Terriyaki Chicken & Cod Fish wif Mash potato - YUMMY!!
Very thick Cod Fish.. hehe... so delicious! It's definitely so much better than Big O's Cod fish which is only half its thickness!! *Slurp Slurp*

Eh... missed out on the soup part..but there's nothing much about the soup..just vegetables wif sliced chicken meat pieces..hee... and waiters forgot to serve us soup until we've finished our main dish...haa... but lucky lor, cos if we drank soup first, then we surely won't be able to finish the main dish. ^_^

Here's the dessert! Another great combi of Cold icecream with Warm cake..tastes like butter raisins cake..

Ahh... here's the main SURPRISE of the day.. haha... presenting the PRESENT from BB!! Taa-Daa... it's a raspberry cheescake which he made himself! *lol*
He was telling me not to luff at him before I open to see what it is. Cos.. he said other people's cake are concave whereas his... is *Convex on the top part..haha..

*means the top part of the cake sinks in abit in the middle..hahah...
But nonetheless, it's still a wonderful great effort from BB though I know he's got a scolding from his mom and sister for messing up the kitchen!

After the wonderful meal, the waiter gave us the feedback slip to fill up, and look.... BB is busy filling it up.. *THUMBS up*

After the meal, we walked to Raffles City and passed by Love & Co again..haha.. so this time round, still "gian-ning" the chunky royal rings, we went in to try them out and were served by this nice chatty SA - Floribelle. She's from Philippines and just came here to work 2 mths ago wif the initial thought of joining her husband to work in SG. However, just last mth, her husband was retrenched... :( and her eyes teared abit when she talked about her 10-yr old son whom misses her very much. Anyway, since her hubby has airlines experience of 8 yrs, we told her to ask him to try out SIA lor.. hope everything'll out for her as her hubby (who flew bk to philippines after retrenched) and son will be coming to visit her 2 weeks from now! (^o^)m

Alright, back to the rings, well... it didn't look so nice on our fingers and I think it wasn't practical lor..cos it's really chunky! haahaa...but BB did choose a simple white gold glossy surface band for himself after trying and finding that yellow and rose gold rings doesnt reaully suit his skin color..haha... and worse are those with diamonds! *lol* So, I think diamond rings shld still be left for the LADIES!! *lalalalal*

For a preview of some of their rings, visit this ->
We tried "LVC Promise" chunky bling bling rings. :p But my heart's with LVC Ceterno.

After the visit, we walked down to Esplanade and couldn't find "The V Tea Room". Could it have changed its name to "The Cookie Musuem"? hmm.. cos I always thought that place's The V Tea Room..
Well, there's a public singing performance @ the public stage outside Esplanade near the sea. Very nice...sitting there, listening to songs wif gentle breeze blowing against your face..=)

Here's a pic of us there..supposed to capture the heart shape lei..but the auntie didnt take properly. :p
See the red heart in between our heads?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Villa Halia part 2

Last week, I mentioned that I'd post the pics of Villa Halia if possible. So here they are =)
Villa Halia

This is the Courtyard...nice=)

Here's the view of the Gallery room from the inside...air-conned..

A peek of the Gallery room from the outside..which is also part of the Courtyard area.

This is the Wine Bar with the big picture of Ginger flowers ..

Just emailed Elizabeth today with regards to the availability of the room.. still awaiting for her replies together with the info about the set lunch..
not sure whether do they accept us to do our own buffet catering? :-/
Hopefully, the total cost can fit our tight budget... *pray pray*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Villa Halia @ Botanic Gardens

Happy Chinese New Year to all! (*^_^*)

It was so busy for us for the whole of last month... hehe.. busy preparing for Chinese new year and also the spring cleaning. This year's new year passed so quickly and it seems like we did not have time to fully enjoy it. ah... well.. happy times always passes so fast! haa... :)

Well, this year, it is the first time I ever received an Ang-Pao on my 1st day of work from my boss! hehe... I've been working for about 5 years already, imagine that! And this comes from my new company's boss - Bridget. She's such a funny and jovial lady. You should see the way she walks to catch her bus after work every evening, it's just so a cute penguin. *giggles* :p And of cos, sometimes her words just made me laugh and they brand me a "laughter-box/self-entertainer." haa....
Anyway, it's back to work soon and we have quite a lot to do for this year, seeing the fact that we have 3 less staff in my department.

Oki, enough about work.
BB and me went to *racki* Villa Halia's Gallery room yesterday. We walked such a long way from orchard mrt station to Botanic Gardens. *grumbles* My left foot is having a bad blister after that long walk because the VAIN me wore my new cream-pink heeled shoes lor.. haha...
Nevertheless, it was worth it, I think, because BB said it's his first time ever to visit Botanic Gardens and he very much like Villa Halia, esp. the wine bar.

It was a pity that I didn't manage to take photos of it but there's photos on their website which look exactly in real. Just google Halia restaurant. =)
We missed meeting Lydia (1 of their wedding planner who just left a few mins before we arrived as we went there w/o an appointment), but the lady who attended to us is very friendly and showed us around the place even though there were some people having a small meeting inside its Gallery room. hehe...

She told us we could arrange for our solemnisation to be held either in the Gallery room, or the Courtyard where there's a small waterfall-like structure, or in the Wine Bar. BB suggested that we have our solemnisation in the Wine Bar (which looks very cozy) in the early noon before they open for business first , afterwhich we shall proceed to the Gallery room for the set lunch. I shall have to discuss with our wedding coordinator - Elizabeth regarding this. Hope they allow it w/o any additional cost. hee....

Shall update you all again!! Tata..!~~