Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Christmas Party @ Seng Hwee's Hse

Sigh..feeling kinda unwell recently..bloatedness...suddenly this thought keeps flashing across my mind -- "Being Healthy is the Route to Happiness and Fortune!"

Oh ya..anyway, I've openly hinted to Dar that I want Precious Moments figurine for Xmas present..haha... It's the "Happily Ever After" Prince and Princess Couple.. Actually, I'm having a hard time deciding on whether to get this or the other "You are my Dream Come True".. Both are equally gorgeous! Maybe I'd get Dar to get me for Valentine's next year..hahaa.... gonna use them both for the photoshoot! hee...

Just done with getting 3/4 of my xmas gifts to the gers N left Junxian's and the wrapping papers! =)
Got a nice strawberry tissue box holder for Bridget and a nice Juicy Couture Cigarette case holder (supposed to be hp holder thou :p ) for Sandy.. Can't wait to see their delighted faces! ^^
woo hoo!'s the latest update from the party we've just had at Ah Hwee's new house in Punggol last friday 12 Dec 08! (*^_^)

Choco Fondue Preparation
Ms Princess Anna

Ms Sharon

Errrm...Myself!! haha...

Our wrapped Presents

Love this pic..our very own Ms Fairy God'mother'!

KFC's Good!

Choco Fondue ready! yum yum

Here's us with our presents!

Group pic

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boss on leave starting today

Sigh.. my boss's on leave starting today..and work's piling up..gosh.. not sure whether is it because the other dept's people are taking advantage of this period and trying to make my miserable dept (only left me and uncle) to do so much work! Arrgghhh~~~

So busy today and uncle's not helping me much either.. cos it's been a long time since he type letters of offer, so can't blame him much..

Anyway, been trying to find nice venues for solemnisation recently.. tight budget...haa... so hard to find...quite like Mandai Orchid Garden but need 50 pax at least..
Shall keep finding...

I got a 'surprise'! present yesterday on my table when I came in for work.. Guess what? It's a potted Money plant from our beloved Ms Yongxi!! But --But --But!! It's not a gift for me..haha... it's a gift for me to take care of her baby plant! *faint*
Okok, Ms xixi, I'd take good care of it and feed her water every other day while you are enjoying your vacations in HongKong ya.. heeheh.. just buy me real presents when u r back!

Here's a peek at her gift to me :)

See what she wrote??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mag My Pic

So cute... chanced upon these...
here's a pic of BB and me...*smirks* We're on the Magazine cover!! hahaha...
Shall edit this again **next yr...hehe..

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happenings for the past week

Today, just came upon this website of a girl who has had her dream wedding ROM recently. It just gave me the inspiration to have my very own dream wedding too. I've always wanted a Pink Princessy Garden theme for my wedding. Since ROM marks the official changing of my status, I want to have a special and unforgettable time for that day. Have shown BB the website and he said ok with my request. hehe... So from now, I want to create entries in the blog for my wedding preparation, showing my accomplishment of the props which I'd be "DIY'ing" myself and him. yeah...

Anyway, here's some pics for last friday's buffet dinner at Shangri-la - The Line. OMG! The desserts are to die-for...I especially love the strawberry shortcake which absolutely melts in my mouth deliciously. ahhh~~~~
More photos can be found in my facebook! ^_^

Group pic 1

My 1st dish! Look @ the strawberry cake!

Woohoo! Coco Fondue!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad day

Bad Monday to begin with... announcement from management that they'd be taking away my 2 other colleagues to the Risk dept...and I'd be left all alone in the isolated corner... no one to talk to.. so lonely... only left Yongxi... :( so sad... more work will be added to me too becos of this... sighz....

no choice.. times are bad..

anyway, 31st oct's Halloween. And we had great fun partying at Zouk! It was my 1st time dressing up in costume and walking along the streets of Singapore. hahaha... exciting and cool to be a different person for a day! ^_^

It's so crowded @ Zouk, many many funny,interesting and scary characters there. Sandy was so brave and initiated a chatup wif 2 guys.. so that we can get into the place quick. Haa... cos the Q was so long outside.

We partied till 4am in the morning and the girls were totally wasted. Sandy drove us back home and oh dear.. it was raining heavily in the west side when she sent me home. Anyway, pictures can be found on my facebook a/c. :)

Album Fav pic!

Here's a kiss to Austin Powers!

Ahh....Sharon's finally flew to Japan.. and I can't wait to get my loot of cosmetics from her when she's back! hahaa.. I'm looking forward to the Jill Stuart blusher which the gers on forums are hyping about and of cos Integrate too.. hope Ah wan can be able to get loads of free JS samples from the SAs!!

Last Wed, guess who did I meet? Here's a pic of them!! It's taken at Amoy Food Centre! Woo hoo!!!...

Michelle's so pretty and Pornsak's funny too. haha... They're very friendly! ^_^ Like them! Gees.. but my hair's a mess that day.. bad hair day.. but then..whatever! hahaha...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Office's pc sprang to life again!

haha.. After spending 2 boring business days without pc at work, my pc is finally working again!! Yeah!~~ So happy that it's back because my personal files and folders are all stored inside its hard disk! I need a backup quick!

It's darn boring without pc at work... Worse, there's no spare pc for me to use and I can't surf the internet OMG~~ it just went dead last friday in the evening.. and IT told me the fastest the IBM support can come to fix it will be this tuesday. Phew... they're finally finished with it after I kept bugging them with phonecalls. haha...

Oohh... I've uploaded pictures for last friday's outing @ Seng Hwee's new nest in SengKang.
We had a few games of poker, 5-10, heart attack etc.. and the punishment for losers will be to use the clothes-tag and pin our ears!! hahaa...

Anyway, CONGRATS Senghwee for your wedding! Sorry that I can't make it for that day cos I've another wedding to attend to.. :p
Sharon and Anna, pls take more photos ya!!

This's the main door, dining table and kitchen!

Glued to the TV screen... :p

The game started! Wat's Nic posing with his big pink earring? Senghwee doing "Goatee" pose.haha

Here's Anna with 2 green tags..^^

Oocchh... losing and adding more tags! Aww.. it hurts!

Anna's painful red ear...

It's Nic's turn!

Wat an expression! hahaa..seems like enjoying it ya!

here's all of us with tags on our ears! I'm the one setting the timer thus looks kinda of last min pose..haha...

Yawnz.. had a bad flu today.. so tired... and today's weather is so good for sleeping...gonna turn in early later.. hee...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Submission for Ettusais ambassador 2009

It's been some time since I logged on. ^^
hehe.. kinda busy again lately. I know it's the same old excuse again! haha..

anyway, today, I was not feeling so well. Have been getting giddy spells since 2 days ago. Perhaps it's due to me trying to slim down? haha...
I'm so excited!! I can't wait for Halloween!! Sandy, Yongxi, Liz and her sis and I are going to head down to Halloween's party at Zouk on 31st October! Woo piieeee!!!

I've decided to be "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland. hahaa... I hope I won't look weird with black hair.. *imagine a black haired Alice* :p
We're now waiting for our costumes to be shipped over from U.S. and really hope it'd reach us in time! We placed our orders on 12 oct i think.. and YX said today that they're going to ship over to the FedEX address.. *pray pray*... really hope it'd reach us next Tuesday or Wednesday!!

Wow... it seems that starting from this week onwards, all my fridays are packed with activities! hahaa.. I'm happy but hehe.. come to think of my poor pocket .... :p

Oh, today, I submitted my application to become an Ettusais girl.. haha... Not sure if I'll get it because I think there's tons of pretty girls out there who's also vying to become one. ^_^
This is for next year's 2009 entry.
To find out more , please feel free to visit their website :

Enjoy this Monday evening.. yawnz...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Found new job!!! Yeah

yeah!! hehee.. as title suggested, I've found a new job... :) I was offered the job of Senior Compliance Officer on 2-5-08, Friday and agency called to inform me on saturday morning. hee... So fast.. was caught unprepared because I only went for the interview on 30-4-08. Then I was on vacation leave till 6-5-08.

So Yesterday 7-5-08, I finally submitted my resignation letter to Big Boss. Was sad and teared while talking to her because the only thing holding me back is the wonderful people here and the associations and bondings that I've made with OC people for the past 4 yrs. BB consoled me and said anytime I can come back again and asked me to keep in touch with her. I was relieved...hee... another good news is that my new office is just behind my current I can still meet up with my colleagues here... And go home or play after work or even makan crab session! ^_^

Today, I went to sign the letter of offer and was amazed to find the new place so spacious.. I was told by HR that I'd be on the same level as the GM, HR , Legal... woooo.... stress....

Surprisingly, the hated 'witch' didnt come and talk to me anything about my resignation. I tried to avoid her also..hahaa.... Don't know if she's shocked or not.. hmmm...

Oki, went Marina Sq with Sharon to eat dinner. Ate at this Wakaru pasta... not bad... then bought a ring!! ^_^ hee... Only $6.95. The china salesgirl was quite friendly and we chatted and ended up I bought the ring..hahaha...

Yeah, tmr going out with AS gang! So surprised to receive Felix's sms just now when he initiated to go out for dinner and movie session...hahaa.. must be ANNA!!! He must be having a 'crush' on ANNA... ahhaha....

ok, too full now... going to watch a Bug's Life on youtube..kekeke...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home-made Dumplings

Yesterday, mom made dumplings, shui-jiaos, wu xiang for dinner..haha... daddy woke up early with her and went market to get the ingredients.
Yummy! Both of them are very free these days since their shop is closed for renovation till sometime end of the year. hee.. so mom was saying she'd have lots of free time making different kinds of food. ^_^
Actually, I have also told them to sign up for some social dance classes or perhaps taiji classes in the CC, but mom scared she's chicken leg and can't catch up with the instructor's fast notes.. haha...

Oki, dear came to my house and we ended up playing mj with my parents..
Not bad, he won 2 times in a row , including last week. haha...
I lost!!!

hmmm... I'm still searching for my job.... sighz... hated work so much now.. don't wanna see that F***ing boss of mine.. SIGHZ!!!!
oh dear, I can't imagine myself scolding such things.. hahaa... people always thought I'm a goody2shoes... hmmm... come to think of that, maybe I should put all these blames on that boss of mine!! ahahhaa... she caused me to become like that!! WAHAHAH...

anyway, did pretty much nothing for the weekend...
Xiaohui sms me yesterday to say she's flying off to Japan for honeymoon today!!
So GOOD!!! I wanna go too!! But I told her to buy alot of goodies food back..muacahhaa.... I want Burrberry blue label!!??? heee

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today, didn't go to work.. partly due to sickness and also have no mood or moral to go work.
Went to see doc, and was given 2 day's MC to rest... Thanks Dr Koh..

Did pretty much nothing at home..sleep after the medicine.... then woke up with slightly swollen eyes due to tearing all night yesterday..
But after waking up, and talking to BB, I've enlightened and have new hope for myself and the future.

It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, for what's important is now and what I'm going to do to overcome these terrible obstacles.

Started to prepare my resume...have sent them out and posted them online...
After thinking so much, have finally decided to take a step out to explore better opportunities, afterall, I've been with the bank for 4 years. It's time for me to move on either to a new department or to a new bank.

BB has been very understanding and supportive of me. He gave me lots of advice and encouragement and stood by me when I needed him and his comfort.
He came over to meet me and initally wanted to treat me to ice-cream (cos ice-cream and chocolates make me happy). But cos family wants to go eat steamboat, so we changed our plans.

It really cheered me up to be able to see BB. =) Thanks dar! Really appreciated it. :)

Okie.. gotta go start searching jobs le..:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bonus letter day

Sighz.. it's such a demoralizing sad day for me... arrgghh....
Can't believe I can live it through with a big fake smile... haa...
Got the letter from Big boss today...
It's so sad when I opened it..
Actually, I kinda expected the outcome and have prepared myself mentally for this day, so I didn't over-react. I just 'lived' it through like any other day.
But definitely, it was such a mind struggling battle thing inside my mind.

3's been 3 years since I got my last bonus... I can't swallow and feel so demoralised when I think about this.
Friends were like telling me " Hey! It's time to move on! Why stay in such a company when your bosses doesn't recognise your effort and work?"
I have thought about this many times, but I chose to stay because kept thinking to myself that in this new department (which I just joined in july 2006), the new boss will appreciate.

But somehow or rather, have faced a terrible boss (not referring to my Big boss - she's a very nice person, but somehow, she's been affluenced by my direct *F*** boss).
Last yr, I told myself, I will see how I fare for this yr, if it's still the same, I will move on.

Indeed, I am seriously considering..
Sighz... God help me decide.... :-

Monday, March 17, 2008

Boring Monday

It's Monday again! SO tired... but luckily now Tuesday's coming! ^^
Today's so busy with work... sighz... so many things to do.. Reports....BAU...

Anyway, looking forward to learning new things from our SSU team this thursday. Poor Soh Khuan's on 2 day's leave because of her backpain which caused her tremendous pain and she's going for her X-Ray checkup. Hope she'd be fine..

Had lunch at Golden Shoe usual..the crowd's still as many as the last time I frequent there 2 years back... :)
Wanted to try the Soya Bean milk..but the queue is sooooo darn long!! Will try next time if I leave office earlier. =)

Today, Big Boss giving out the bonus letter.. but as it was already past the office hours, I told her I will take tomorrow.. so many things to say to her.. but duno how to start..sighz.. see how it goes la... me prepared for the worst!!

Met dear after work at Causeway pt.. yeah.. think will be able to meet him more often since he's changed job to Woodlands. =)

Oki.. so tired now.. sleeping...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday @ Vivocity

Was out at Vivocity with BB on saturday 15-3-08.

We watched "THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES".. I would say, I'd give it 4 stars out of 5. It's an awesome one especially since I love movies that involve magic/fantasy stuffs. hee... ^^

Do catch it when you have the time!

One thing I must say, Freddie Highmore (the child actor) did an excellent job playing the twins! He's able to portray the twins with different personalities very well!! Amazing young actor who has a good future ahead! ^^

Before the movie, we had some free time, so had lunch at Marche. I quite like the ambience there and it has a 'country-cottage style' furniture theme, and I find the 'cow skin' chairs very cute! hahaa... See below for some cam-whoring!! hee ^^

Strawberry Smoothie!*Slurrp*

Marche Crepe with Ham & Morzerella Cheese

Rosti with Fruit Punch!

Cottage theme

"Cow Skin" Chair!

More cow-skin chairs

Dear stealing my drink!!

Then, that day happened to be a COSPLAY day. Event was held at the open space on the top deck of Vivocity. hee.. Din take pics with those people cos it was so hot!!! But took some secret shots of them..haa...

See any nurses?!hee..

Who's this ghostly fig!! haaa...running away frm me.

After movie, we ate dinner at KIMGARY Restaurant. It was forever so long queue.. but it was quite fast. Managed to get a window seat but it was so packed and we were practically sharing tables with another couple! Darn~~!

Food-wise, not bad and price reasonable.

Dear's mushroom porkchop rice. Nice!

My Cheese Baked Chickenchop rice.. not bad, so-so

Mango-Coconut duno what drink.. :p

Yeah..after dinner, it's SHOPPING time!!

Bought a pair of black shorts from F21, a vintage mirror and container @ Daiso for storing my collection of earrings. (*^_^)m

The loot will be put up next time! :p