Monday, March 30, 2009

1st Gown Fitting @ Bliss Bridal Creations on 28 Mar 09

Last Saturday, me went for my 1st appointment for selection of gowns with BB and ah hui.
Our apptmt was supposed to be 3pm, however there were like...4 other couples there too..goodness...and only 2 fitting rooms..

So ah hui and I just sat there waiting for my turn. While waiting, this lady I think by the name of Jenny came to attend to us and asked me to select bouquets for AD first lor. She gave me an album..many many bouquets to choose from so it made our selection hard too..ahhaha.. cos I'm not even sure which to select.
*People are like that -- if too little, they complain selection too few. If too many, they also complain and say very hard to choose.. hahahah *

She also helped me to select a date for my photoshoot which we had fixed it on 27 Jun Sat (9.30am). Actually, the whole of June's slot is full as they say usually June's slot are taken up by teachers as they are having their vacation period. Anyway, my final fitting of the gowns is set on 20 Jun (Sat 2pm).haa.. so no need to take leave...

I also asked her if I can remove one item ,i.e they provide their PG FOC for me on my AD, but I need to pay $50/roll when I develop my photos that time. Jenny said she's not sure and had to call Ruby up to clarify with me. After some negotiations wif Ruby jie, I told her I had won a Signoria Photography package worth $3000 but exclude rental of gowns & makeup, I asked her if I can remove my that item and changed it to rental of gown FOC. She discussed with her boss - Diana, and in the end, she said ok but I need to pay $80 (*^_^*) which is still a good deal because renting a bridal gown outside costs probably $300-400.

Ruby also tried to help me find a makeup artist but cos the MUA didnt pick up the fone and she also had to go down to 1st level to continue with her sales, so she asked me to ring her at a later time. ^_^ *helpful of her*

Oki, so I only managed to start going into the fitting room at 430pm to put on gowns! I was attended by Xiaofen. The 1st gown she gave me was quite nice (hands up for BB and ah hui too). However, the next few AD gowns are not that nice already...Xiaofen also said usually brides don't wear pure white gown for AD except those ang mohs cos of our skin color... hmm... wonder how true...

Then I went on to select my evening gown..I told her I like Pink and Blue the 1st gown she picked for me is royal blue...The color is very nice as it makes me stand out (XF said it's cos of my fair complexion).. I then tried 2 types of pink -- peach pink and light pink.. Both are very nice..but BB like the latter better cos it makes me look sweet like a princess.. hahaha....

*Dilemma again!!* By this time, Ah hui already left after she saw me in the 1st gown cos YJ came to pick her up.

Argghh.... so I have 2 colors to decide now...

Next, XF got me an off-white gown for the outdoor photoshoot. It's also very nice again..ahhaha...and she said can even further complement the design by adding a detachable silk ribbon (I can choose color).. ^_^

The 2nd gown I tried was not nice due to the 2 straps on the shoulder..
The 3rd gown is white in color and this is also very nice again...aaahhh....but abit on the heavy side...hehe... so end up, I selected the 1st gown again.

After I'm done with my selection, it's BB's turn. Guys are so easy..only took 15 mins to select!! wahwhawhahaw.... cos they can choose only off-white or black jacket. hahaha...
I wanted a silverish-grey jacket for the night but XF seems like don't understand me (cos think she dont understand english).... so I think I will ask again on 18 Apr (Sat) when I'm going down again to choose again with ah hui and BB.

This time round, I can let ah hui see and get her comments.
haha..If xixi and Hebe are free, they are also welcome to view too!

Goodness, after the whole thing ended, I realised that I only took about 3 hrs to choose ALL my gowns! So I'm abit some girls in the forum said they took the whole day (early noon to night) there... hmmm... or is it I'm too fast liao..hahaha...

Nvm, I'll take my own time to choose again this coming 18 April. hee.. :p

We had Fish & Co for dinner @ Suntec that night. Forgotten that that day is Earth Day.. so 830pm to 930pm, most part of Singapore will be off-ing their lights to participate in a campaign to save the earth.

So we had a 'romantic' dinner under the candle-lights..hahhaa....

Seafood Platter for BB

Birthday celebration of SengHwee & Sharon 27-3-09

Hey guys, ^_^
I've uploaded the photos taken that day (Friday 27 Mar 09) onto Picasa web album. hehe...
~~~Happy Birthday to you 2!~~~

Hope you have enjoyed the sumptous meal at Dian Xiao Er @ Vivocity, just as much as I enjoyed myself there. haha... It's my 1st time eating at DXE lei!! But really... the duck is nice... and also the yummy dishes! *slurp slurp* Thumbs up!

Managed to also buy my Forest Fruits Black Tea Infusion (Lipton) at Giant.. hmmm~~~ It smells sooooooo nice~~~ (^__^) and sweet.... hahaha.. my whole bag rigging of the sweet scent of forest fruits...

Kick-starting for the DXE dinner..hee....the 1st dish is ---- PEANUTS! hahaha
From 29 March 2009

*slurp* soupie...:p
From 29 March 2009

Close up Food 1
From 29 March 2009

All dishes here! ^o^
From 29 March 2009

Out small loot from Giant.. see..we're "All Well's" fans..haaa....
From 29 March 2009

Group pic...Ah Wan is taking pic for us...
From 29 March 2009

Our Own Unique DIY Wedding Logos (Part 2)

Wow, last few weeks have been very hectic for me.. Even now, also..all because of MAS officers who will be coming on 6 or 7th April.
Anyway, I've came up with more backgrounds for the logo. ^_^
And I think this time round, I can have the option of choosing 2 colours.

Here's a list of my new logos! :)
I'm going for the pink one and baby blue one now... :p

Which one do you like? =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photos of my new flat

Went to HDB to submit some documents on 14-Mar-09 (Sat), and then while I was there alone... I went to take some photos of my new "palace"! =p hee... so that you all can visualise how it is like!

Am also delighted to learn from NaNa that her friend has also went down to select the flat and hers is Blk 288A which is in front of mine! Yeah~~~ I've a neighbour! NaNa ..remember to intro us ya... hee.. then next time do drop by our palace to play mahjong/have tea parties! Yiippeee ^o^

The Pavillion Porch area..=) my flat's on the top right corner and Punggol MRT station is somewhere near the bottom left corner.

This's my flat! Blk 289B!!

Side View of my block, below's the car porch area leading to the underground carpark.

View from the top. My block is on the left. =)

This is my neighbouring block opposite mine. Blk 289C.

View from the top again. The bottom is the children's playground & Exercising area etc..

Here's the layout of my unit..something similar..just that mine's the reflection of this layout..^^ meaning my bedrooms are on the left side instead of the right side as shown below.
The below layout is very similar to Seng Hwee's unit, right? :p

Master bedroom has full length windows whereas the 2 other bedrooms have 3/4 length windows.

See!! I've planter bed! Yeah yeah~~ Can grow a small garden!

Master bedroom on the left... ^^

The 2 Royal Toilets!

A picture showing the different tiles/floorings used for our "palace"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've got a Flat!

Yeah! Me am happy that we've finally gotten our own flat! (*^_^*)
We were invited to go down to HDB to select a unit for Punggol Arcadia yesterday 2-March-09 (Monday).
hmm... though there were only 465 units offered and our Q number is 553, we were lucky that there were still 90+ units left over for us to choose from.

But of course, we don't have the luxury of choosing high levels but we managed to choose one which is on the 4th storey corner unit. *hahah*
Nonetheless, I'm excited cos even storeys come with planter beds! Yeah~~~I want to plant flowers! ^^

The estimated completion date will be in Feb 2013..seems far...but not too far from now lei..haha...