Monday, March 16, 2009

Photos of my new flat

Went to HDB to submit some documents on 14-Mar-09 (Sat), and then while I was there alone... I went to take some photos of my new "palace"! =p hee... so that you all can visualise how it is like!

Am also delighted to learn from NaNa that her friend has also went down to select the flat and hers is Blk 288A which is in front of mine! Yeah~~~ I've a neighbour! NaNa ..remember to intro us ya... hee.. then next time do drop by our palace to play mahjong/have tea parties! Yiippeee ^o^

The Pavillion Porch area..=) my flat's on the top right corner and Punggol MRT station is somewhere near the bottom left corner.

This's my flat! Blk 289B!!

Side View of my block, below's the car porch area leading to the underground carpark.

View from the top. My block is on the left. =)

This is my neighbouring block opposite mine. Blk 289C.

View from the top again. The bottom is the children's playground & Exercising area etc..

Here's the layout of my unit..something similar..just that mine's the reflection of this layout..^^ meaning my bedrooms are on the left side instead of the right side as shown below.
The below layout is very similar to Seng Hwee's unit, right? :p

Master bedroom has full length windows whereas the 2 other bedrooms have 3/4 length windows.

See!! I've planter bed! Yeah yeah~~ Can grow a small garden!

Master bedroom on the left... ^^

The 2 Royal Toilets!

A picture showing the different tiles/floorings used for our "palace"

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