Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday celebration of SengHwee & Sharon 27-3-09

Hey guys, ^_^
I've uploaded the photos taken that day (Friday 27 Mar 09) onto Picasa web album. hehe...
~~~Happy Birthday to you 2!~~~

Hope you have enjoyed the sumptous meal at Dian Xiao Er @ Vivocity, just as much as I enjoyed myself there. haha... It's my 1st time eating at DXE lei!! But really... the duck is nice... and also the yummy dishes! *slurp slurp* Thumbs up!

Managed to also buy my Forest Fruits Black Tea Infusion (Lipton) at Giant.. hmmm~~~ It smells sooooooo nice~~~ (^__^) and sweet.... hahaha.. my whole bag rigging of the sweet scent of forest fruits...

Kick-starting for the DXE dinner..hee....the 1st dish is ---- PEANUTS! hahaha
From 29 March 2009

*slurp* soupie...:p
From 29 March 2009

Close up Food 1
From 29 March 2009

All dishes here! ^o^
From 29 March 2009

Out small loot from Giant.. see..we're "All Well's" fans..haaa....
From 29 March 2009

Group pic...Ah Wan is taking pic for us...
From 29 March 2009

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