Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home-made Dumplings

Yesterday, mom made dumplings, shui-jiaos, wu xiang for dinner..haha... daddy woke up early with her and went market to get the ingredients.
Yummy! Both of them are very free these days since their shop is closed for renovation till sometime end of the year. hee.. so mom was saying she'd have lots of free time making different kinds of food. ^_^
Actually, I have also told them to sign up for some social dance classes or perhaps taiji classes in the CC, but mom scared she's chicken leg and can't catch up with the instructor's fast notes.. haha...

Oki, dear came to my house and we ended up playing mj with my parents..
Not bad, he won 2 times in a row , including last week. haha...
I lost!!!

hmmm... I'm still searching for my job.... sighz... hated work so much now.. don't wanna see that F***ing boss of mine.. SIGHZ!!!!
oh dear, I can't imagine myself scolding such things.. hahaa... people always thought I'm a goody2shoes... hmmm... come to think of that, maybe I should put all these blames on that boss of mine!! ahahhaa... she caused me to become like that!! WAHAHAH...

anyway, did pretty much nothing for the weekend...
Xiaohui sms me yesterday to say she's flying off to Japan for honeymoon today!!
So GOOD!!! I wanna go too!! But I told her to buy alot of goodies food back..muacahhaa.... I want Burrberry blue label!!??? heee

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