Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today, didn't go to work.. partly due to sickness and also have no mood or moral to go work.
Went to see doc, and was given 2 day's MC to rest... Thanks Dr Koh..

Did pretty much nothing at home..sleep after the medicine.... then woke up with slightly swollen eyes due to tearing all night yesterday..
But after waking up, and talking to BB, I've enlightened and have new hope for myself and the future.

It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, for what's important is now and what I'm going to do to overcome these terrible obstacles.

Started to prepare my resume...have sent them out and posted them online...
After thinking so much, have finally decided to take a step out to explore better opportunities, afterall, I've been with the bank for 4 years. It's time for me to move on either to a new department or to a new bank.

BB has been very understanding and supportive of me. He gave me lots of advice and encouragement and stood by me when I needed him and his comfort.
He came over to meet me and initally wanted to treat me to ice-cream (cos ice-cream and chocolates make me happy). But cos family wants to go eat steamboat, so we changed our plans.

It really cheered me up to be able to see BB. =) Thanks dar! Really appreciated it. :)

Okie.. gotta go start searching jobs le..:)

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