Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Office's pc sprang to life again!

haha.. After spending 2 boring business days without pc at work, my pc is finally working again!! Yeah!~~ So happy that it's back because my personal files and folders are all stored inside its hard disk! I need a backup quick!

It's darn boring without pc at work... Worse, there's no spare pc for me to use and I can't surf the internet OMG~~ it just went dead last friday in the evening.. and IT told me the fastest the IBM support can come to fix it will be this tuesday. Phew... they're finally finished with it after I kept bugging them with phonecalls. haha...

Oohh... I've uploaded pictures for last friday's outing @ Seng Hwee's new nest in SengKang.
We had a few games of poker, 5-10, heart attack etc.. and the punishment for losers will be to use the clothes-tag and pin our ears!! hahaa...

Anyway, CONGRATS Senghwee for your wedding! Sorry that I can't make it for that day cos I've another wedding to attend to.. :p
Sharon and Anna, pls take more photos ya!!

This's the main door, dining table and kitchen!

Glued to the TV screen... :p

The game started! Wat's Nic posing with his big pink earring? Senghwee doing "Goatee" pose.haha

Here's Anna with 2 green tags..^^

Oocchh... losing and adding more tags! Aww.. it hurts!

Anna's painful red ear...

It's Nic's turn!

Wat an expression! hahaa..seems like enjoying it ya!

here's all of us with tags on our ears! I'm the one setting the timer thus looks kinda of last min pose..haha...

Yawnz.. had a bad flu today.. so tired... and today's weather is so good for sleeping...gonna turn in early later.. hee...

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