Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad day

Bad Monday to begin with... announcement from management that they'd be taking away my 2 other colleagues to the Risk dept...and I'd be left all alone in the isolated corner... no one to talk to.. so lonely... only left Yongxi... :( so sad... more work will be added to me too becos of this... sighz....

no choice.. times are bad..

anyway, 31st oct's Halloween. And we had great fun partying at Zouk! It was my 1st time dressing up in costume and walking along the streets of Singapore. hahaha... exciting and cool to be a different person for a day! ^_^

It's so crowded @ Zouk, many many funny,interesting and scary characters there. Sandy was so brave and initiated a chatup wif 2 guys.. so that we can get into the place quick. Haa... cos the Q was so long outside.

We partied till 4am in the morning and the girls were totally wasted. Sandy drove us back home and oh dear.. it was raining heavily in the west side when she sent me home. Anyway, pictures can be found on my facebook a/c. :)

Album Fav pic!

Here's a kiss to Austin Powers!

Ahh....Sharon's finally flew to Japan.. and I can't wait to get my loot of cosmetics from her when she's back! hahaa.. I'm looking forward to the Jill Stuart blusher which the gers on forums are hyping about and of cos Integrate too.. hope Ah wan can be able to get loads of free JS samples from the SAs!!

Last Wed, guess who did I meet? Here's a pic of them!! It's taken at Amoy Food Centre! Woo hoo!!!...

Michelle's so pretty and Pornsak's funny too. haha... They're very friendly! ^_^ Like them! Gees.. but my hair's a mess that day.. bad hair day.. but then..whatever! hahaha...

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