Monday, October 20, 2008

Submission for Ettusais ambassador 2009

It's been some time since I logged on. ^^
hehe.. kinda busy again lately. I know it's the same old excuse again! haha..

anyway, today, I was not feeling so well. Have been getting giddy spells since 2 days ago. Perhaps it's due to me trying to slim down? haha...
I'm so excited!! I can't wait for Halloween!! Sandy, Yongxi, Liz and her sis and I are going to head down to Halloween's party at Zouk on 31st October! Woo piieeee!!!

I've decided to be "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland. hahaa... I hope I won't look weird with black hair.. *imagine a black haired Alice* :p
We're now waiting for our costumes to be shipped over from U.S. and really hope it'd reach us in time! We placed our orders on 12 oct i think.. and YX said today that they're going to ship over to the FedEX address.. *pray pray*... really hope it'd reach us next Tuesday or Wednesday!!

Wow... it seems that starting from this week onwards, all my fridays are packed with activities! hahaa.. I'm happy but hehe.. come to think of my poor pocket .... :p

Oh, today, I submitted my application to become an Ettusais girl.. haha... Not sure if I'll get it because I think there's tons of pretty girls out there who's also vying to become one. ^_^
This is for next year's 2009 entry.
To find out more , please feel free to visit their website :

Enjoy this Monday evening.. yawnz...


Anonymous said...

all the best~ heard that shortlisted people are out already. any news?

Princess Sherene said...

Thanks thanks :) didnt received any posts.keke.. Congrats to those girls who got shortlisted! Happy for them..hehe.. How about u?