Monday, May 11, 2009

Evening Wedding Vintage Shoes 9-5-09

Didn't do much on Saturday except meet BB at Bugis Kwan Im Temple to pray cos it's Vesak Day. Then we headed back to Jurong East to meet my family to celebrate Mother's Day. (*^o^)>
After the sumptous dinner, BB and I decided to go IMM to walk walk and shop around.

While window-shopping, we happened to pass by Mondo Shoe Shop and there was a crowd as usual there. *Girls ah.. can never get enuf shoes for their pretty feet.. haha... cos I always see a huge crowd at Charles and Keith too..yeah..* So it also meant I'm right and should go in too, right? =p Furthermore, I'm also looking ard for my evening gown shoes! Looking for something vintage to match my cheongsum gown ~~

Guess what? **Eyes twinkling**
I saw a nice lacey black vintage shoe on the rack 'talking' to me and luring me to pick it up!
So I asked for my size and tried and it fits very nicely! Although it's covered toe and won't be able to 'showcase' my 'fabulous' pedicure that day (*lol*), I think it just matches the gown perfectly!

Here's a peek at the shoes

Oki, another peek at its sides and 2.5 inch high heels..hehe...

Yeah~~ I then skied the whole shop and can't find anythg better and confirmed on buying it.

And GUESS what again??!!!
It's only S$9.90 !!! OMG!!! ($__$) *Ke-ching! Ke-ching!*
Haahaa...~~ yeah yeah yippee!!~~
So BTBs, just hafta walk around and sometimes, you may just find nice GEMs hidden somewhere in the shops! =)

Hee hee.. below are 2 pictures that BB took for me 2 months ago @ Marina Square..
Found the wall paintings cute and decided to pose. No matter how hard I drag BB to it, he just won't pose for me..haha.. choice lor..hafta see me in action again! *lol*

Oops! There's a robbery! What shall I do?? *feet trembles*
I think I should also run with them right? And pretend I nvr see a thing and DEMANDS them to share their loot with me! MUAHAHHAA....

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