Monday, May 4, 2009

Labour Day Long Weekend 4-5-09

A Long weekend just passed like that... it's sooo fast!! *whining*
Last Thursday 30-04-09, was Sandy's and Jacky's last day with the company. Yongxi, MeiLing and I treated them both to a Lunch fiesta @ Shin Kushiya - Far East Sq outlet.
Sighs...after Sandy left and Meiling's been trsf to another dept, I've been soo lonely here in my small ulu corner with Ms Xixi... BUT!!! she's going on a long 1 mth leave starting today, to study for her exams. :( sobs..

Anyway, All the best to Sandy, Jacky and Yongxi ya!! Do your best in whatever you're doing! (*^_^*) We shall meet again very soon!

Here's a group shot of us (left to right): Yongxi, Me, Sandy, Jacky

I was eating a snack (a HelloKitty Brand snack which Junxian bought for me early this yr *lol*...It's not expired yet!!!) last Thursday and I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I opened the packet and saw its contents. *lol*

Make a guess! What do you think I thought they look like? ahahahhaa.....

Taa-Daa!! Here it is! *lol* Don't they look like something which we, ladies, use every month? The one that has *wings* sometimes? hahahhaa.....
See~~!! Even the spacing (holes) looks so similar!!'s a view from the side.. hee hee

Saturday, BB and I wanted to eat Subway for lunch as we were being 'rejected' by Chilli Padi Nyonya Restaurant earlier on (becos we didnt make reservation and turned up, expecting to get a seat... who knows.. they told us it's already packed with people who made reservation loh.. :( ). So we walked to Shaw Tower there.. but... Aarggghhhh.... there's no available seats at the Subway branch there because they were occupied by students who were mugging there!! *forgot that they having their exams period!! *

Me and BB were so hungry..haha... and so we made a detour to JK Don restaurant behind...Luckily not many people there... :p

*Hungry me waiting for my Ramen*
See how *moody* we are? hahaa... WHERE's OUR FOOD!!!
Sigh...poor lighting lei...forgot to 'turn on' the flash for the waiter..
That Saturday night, we went on to watch X-MEN: WOLVERINE - The Origins.. soooo nice!! I'm in love with Hugh Jackman!! hahaha....soo cool and rugged look..
Anyway, I think Marvel movies are all so nice.. I'm now waiting for the next Must-watch movie : Angels & Demons!

Sunday, Me didn't do anything much.. just felt like slacking.. hee hee...
But I decided to just do some painting works for my DIY stuffs. So I began the Making of the Roses' stems. :p hehe...
Things you need: Green Color Poster Colours, Chopsticks, And a Container with brush
I also bought some other DIY stuffs for ROM on Saturday from those party shops at Rochor Road. (*^o^)> I love the white and pink feathers that I bought.. Shall upload the pics of them next week when I go over to BB hse's cos I left them all there! :p

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