Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painting House (Part 2) 17-5-09

Yeah~~ Finally done with the full house painting during the last weekend.
Now BB's only left with the 2 toilets' ceiling to paint and finding a vendor to make a new main door and the kitchen sink. *lol* sounds like a new re-vamp of the entire 5-rm flat. :p

The living room wall was painted with Rose White color, our room - Sky Blue color, MIL's room a light lavender-pink, BB's bro's room - a Mulberry color that looks like those Chewy fruity grape flavor color (*hahaha...Ah Hong and the rest were laughing cos it looks like a princess room) and cos his room is opp ours, so somehow if u stand outside in the middle facing both rooms, it really looks like the LADIES and GENTs toilet.. ahhaha...

P.S: this mulberry color is not chosen by his bro ya..hee.. somehow it's a combined decision of me, BB and MIL and he said he's ok with anythg though his initial color was a dark blue... =p

Didnt take any photos of the rooms yet cos it's very messy that day..hahah.. conquering both living rm and his bro's room in 1 day lei..

Furthermore, I think some paint dust flew into my eyes and caused me to have sore eyes that evening till this morning then it healed.. SOB SOB..

Oohhh... currently, I've been preparing a prop for my 1st photoshoot nx mth. haha..

Nearly done with it... now's only left 1 part.. can GUESS what is it? *lol*

Don't know why the picture turns to this angle..it should be viewed/rotated 90 deg to the left.. ^_^ hee...

Cardboard (that I coup from office's paper box)
Orange Construction Papers
Scissors, Scotch-tape
Silver Metallic Wrapping paper

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