Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Villa Halia part 2

Last week, I mentioned that I'd post the pics of Villa Halia if possible. So here they are =)
Villa Halia

This is the Courtyard...nice=)

Here's the view of the Gallery room from the inside...air-conned..

A peek of the Gallery room from the outside..which is also part of the Courtyard area.

This is the Wine Bar with the big picture of Ginger flowers ..

Just emailed Elizabeth today with regards to the availability of the room.. still awaiting for her replies together with the info about the set lunch..
not sure whether do they accept us to do our own buffet catering? :-/
Hopefully, the total cost can fit our tight budget... *pray pray*


SheB said...

Hi fellow bride to be!

I was wondering how your negotiations were going with the Villa Halia.

I came across your post as I'm planning my wedding there too this year, and I have to say I'm getting really fed up with their customer service. I was wondering if you were having problems working with them, or if you were happy with their service. Should think about giving them a second chance?

Reply to this comment and I'll get in touch (I don't want to put my email up on this comment, in case spammers pick it up:)

Good luck with your wedding planning!

SheB x

Princess Sherene said...

Hi SheB!
Thanks for dropping by :)
Oh dear...hmm...so far, everything is ok and I've only liaised with Elizabeth. I've not a chance to meet her yet as I couldn't make it for the last appointment with her and so we conversed mostly through the phone.

She sounded friendly and was quite ok with the things I requested. I do liaise with them through email too but they do take a few days to respond. =) It could be they are busy?I'm not sure and it could be hard to get hold of Elizabeth too as sometimes, I can't get her at her desk and have to leave a msg for her to call me back.

What issues do u have with Halia if you dont mind me asking? ^^

lecoqsportif said...

SheB - I am in the process of planning for my wedding event at Villa Halia too and have already run into problems early in the process. While my wedding planner is very friendly, I have to constantly chase her for responses and the rules they apply are very inflexible with little room for negotiation. Did you end up deciding to give them a second chance? I'm wondering whether to just give up on them now before it's too late.

Sherene - it sounds like you are having much better luck though! Hope everything is going smoothly and all the best for your big day!