Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Own Unique DIY Logo

Heh... I've already started out on my DIY'ing of stuffs for the BIG day..
First off, is the LOGO =)
Muahaha... Our own unique Logo is finally OUT!! took me 1 day to draw and another 2 days to 'color' them...haha...but am really PLEASED with the results. Cute right?
Version 1 is the initial draft.

But after I saw the completed look with color on it, I thought to myself that I'm still not satisfied with my dress cos it looks plain ya? Ella aka Ms Yongxi, was the 1st to see it, and also agreed it's plain.. sooo... Me started again with Version 2!
Guess where I get my inspirations from? hahaa... It's from the PM figurine that BB gave and also from bridal mags.

After completion, next is to select my background and find a shape to encircle it. Ella suggested "Heart" shape but sigh, the border of the Heart shape is too thick after trying it at home , so I settled with the Circle one.. ^_^ Means Yuan2 Man3 - perfect love with no ending. *sounds cheesy ya?* hahaha....
Version 1: The Draft

TAA-DAA!!~~~ Here's Version 2: The Completed One

I may change the background again to perfectionize it. hahaa... I'm so fickle-minded!

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