Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belated post of Chinese New Year 2009

haha.. I know this is kinda late.. but wanted to post some pics which I took during this year's CNY's celebration. Our company held the CNY celebration on 5th Feb 09 on a Thursday evening @ our building's rooftop. Overall, it was a success! I even won 2 prizes..hahaa...

Before that, take a look at my nailart creation for CNY! Love the Bling Bling...hahah...

I'm the PICASSO of SIF - 1st prize! Yeah!
Wanna see what I drew?

Group Photo 1 (from left to right): Me, Yongxi, Sandy, Caroline, MeiChee
Group photo 2 : 5 beauties!

My prizes (top to bottom): lucky draw prize, 1st prize for my drawing!

My 1 week's supply of Bird nests... woohoo!

Here's my Koala trying to be KINGKONG gazing high at the Eifel Tower..... The wine tower belongs to our Ms *Hebe aka Sandy.hee... lucky draw prize lor.. so lucky....

Yongxi and Me with our prizes! DA FENG SHOU...hahaha

Cheryl N Ms *Ella aka Yongxi

Okie, actually am very late in posting for the below pics..haha...These are last X'mas's presents...
My gift (eye mask) for Ms Ella.. very cute hor!!

Me posing with the pink Precious Moments brolly gift from Ms Ella!..*hugs to Ella*

This's Ms Ella with her blue color Precious Moments Brolly...

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