Sunday, February 1, 2009

Villa Halia @ Botanic Gardens

Happy Chinese New Year to all! (*^_^*)

It was so busy for us for the whole of last month... hehe.. busy preparing for Chinese new year and also the spring cleaning. This year's new year passed so quickly and it seems like we did not have time to fully enjoy it. ah... well.. happy times always passes so fast! haa... :)

Well, this year, it is the first time I ever received an Ang-Pao on my 1st day of work from my boss! hehe... I've been working for about 5 years already, imagine that! And this comes from my new company's boss - Bridget. She's such a funny and jovial lady. You should see the way she walks to catch her bus after work every evening, it's just so a cute penguin. *giggles* :p And of cos, sometimes her words just made me laugh and they brand me a "laughter-box/self-entertainer." haa....
Anyway, it's back to work soon and we have quite a lot to do for this year, seeing the fact that we have 3 less staff in my department.

Oki, enough about work.
BB and me went to *racki* Villa Halia's Gallery room yesterday. We walked such a long way from orchard mrt station to Botanic Gardens. *grumbles* My left foot is having a bad blister after that long walk because the VAIN me wore my new cream-pink heeled shoes lor.. haha...
Nevertheless, it was worth it, I think, because BB said it's his first time ever to visit Botanic Gardens and he very much like Villa Halia, esp. the wine bar.

It was a pity that I didn't manage to take photos of it but there's photos on their website which look exactly in real. Just google Halia restaurant. =)
We missed meeting Lydia (1 of their wedding planner who just left a few mins before we arrived as we went there w/o an appointment), but the lady who attended to us is very friendly and showed us around the place even though there were some people having a small meeting inside its Gallery room. hehe...

She told us we could arrange for our solemnisation to be held either in the Gallery room, or the Courtyard where there's a small waterfall-like structure, or in the Wine Bar. BB suggested that we have our solemnisation in the Wine Bar (which looks very cozy) in the early noon before they open for business first , afterwhich we shall proceed to the Gallery room for the set lunch. I shall have to discuss with our wedding coordinator - Elizabeth regarding this. Hope they allow it w/o any additional cost. hee....

Shall update you all again!! Tata..!~~

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