Monday, April 27, 2009

House Painting starts! 26-4-09

Today during lunch @ Amoy, saw Zoe Tay. I was like murmuring "zheng huiyu, zheng huiyu" to Ms Xixi BUT she didnt hear me. Instead it was Zoe who heard me calling her and turned her head slightly, acknowledging my call-out. *hahah* so malu* ..
I wanted to take a pic with her but she seems like in a rush and went off with her 2 helpers.. haha... nvm.. better luck next time! But I have to say, she's really slim! hehe...

Oki, yesterday morning, we started our room painting works! *abit ahead of schedule but then again, the earlier we complete, the better cos will be one thing off our To-Do list*. ^_^
We were lucky to have the help of Ah-Hong jie and her brother aka BB's cousins to help us do the painting as well!
By the way, they're professional designer and renovation contractor. And alot of people say Ah-hong looks like our national pingpong player Li Jiawei, esp when we go to the market together, the aunties will ask her if she's Jiawei?! *lol*
Anyway, Thanks alot Ah Hong jie and cousin!

Our room is now a nice cool shade of ANGEL Blue... very cosy and aquarium-like.. hahhaa...
*happy* Even Xiao Ziqi (Hong's daughter) says our room is very nice!

Painting artists at work. BB and Ah Hong jie in the background. ^_^
Me is the Quality supervisor - scrambling around looking for 'defects'. Hhaha...
Our newly painted room! Oops.. but I think I wasn't able to capture the real color of the walls in this picture. (T__T;)
Next to add, will be new furnitures for the room! haha...
I didn't want to post the Before pics of the room because I think BB will 'scold' me..haha.. cos it was such a messy room *lol*
Ah hong's bro say will make us a new cover top for the tables shown above because the top part is peeling off le... :p I was thinking whether should I paint the tables in white? Because I want a country-style kind of white furnitures... hmmmm..... let me find photos and post in my next post.
I also bought a HelloKitty mini-fan and a Disney Princess fan @ Tampines 1, to bring out for my photoshoot. *lol* so cute.. shall post pictures next time. ^^


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