Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend at Bugis's new Hangout 4-4-09

Recently, I've been having a really bad day at work. I'm just so angry with Ah Chew and my boss. Just can't understand the way they work, esp. Ah Chew... really....his work is.... UTTERLY Unspeakable... Sooo messy till I'm speechless...only he himself will know what he's writing and doing... Personally, I just feel that there's really no PROCEDURES in this company... and my boss is just exploiting me and my "talent"!! HAHAHHA..... BHBZ.....

Today is also no different from last week... totally SPEECHLESS..... okie.. dont wanna talk about work anymore...

Last Friday, I was so angry that I wanted to de-stress myself and so I met BB to watch a comedy -- DETROIT METAL CITY. In case, you all don't's a japanese movie starring "L" from Deathnote. He's just so funny in this movie..haha.... and can see that he's really a good actor! I recommend this movie!! ^_^

Saturday, BB and I went to No. 1 Costume Costume Pte Ltd shop at 32 Aliwal Street. My plan was to rent Prince and Princess gowns from there for our Free photoshoot from Signoria. ahhaa... cos the prices that Bridal shops quoted us for rental of gowns cost $300-$400 excluding makeup which is another $200. So end up, I decided to rent gowns from costume shops and 'change' the album theme to fantasy and makeup on our own! (^_^)p

It was very fun trying on different costumes. The lady attendant was very helpful and helped us get alot of accessories for our 'makeover'. hahaha.... It was my 1st time seeing so many different costumes and I didn't want to leave that place and BB even had to 'pull' me out from there. hahaa... Anyway, we found each of us 1 costume and it only costs us $60 each with accessories!! Woo hooo!!!

After that, we walked to Bugis and also went to explore the new building opposite Bugis, which is beside Bugis village. Ooppss.. I forgot the name of that building... :p

Here's some pics!
Me with my BerryLite Greentea Yogurt ^o^

hahaa... continues to enjoy my yogurt and oblivious to the surrounding

Tickles tickles!!

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