Sunday, April 12, 2009

Punggol Arcadia (Part 2) 12-4-09

Happy Easter to all! ^o^
Friday was a public holiday, me went to meet BB and we went to explore the newly opened Tampines 1.
Gosh! It was damned crowded! It's like the whole of East side people just came specially that day and jammed up the whole place!
The queue was exceptionally long for this new and 1st Japanese Casual wear store in Singapore -- Uniqlo. *Horror*

As the queue was so long, I decided not to rackie the store until today 12-4-09 (Sunday), me and BB went there early at 11am. Haaa... but people were already queuing! OMG! However, it moved quite fast, so we don't need to wait for very long.

Hahaa... it was SPREE time again for me!!
I bought 1 grey jacket and 1 light blue cardigan, both amounting to $79.80. Not cheap sia but their material is good, I would say :)

I also bought 1 new pair of Bling Bling flats on Friday from Mitju and also a sunblock.

Saturday, me and BB went to Vivocity. I went to Daiso and wacked up some DIY stuff for ROM. hehee... currently left all these stuff at BB's house! I also bought a very nice cotton vest for BB to wear! Hahaha... his ROM outfit should be settled :p Easy task...hahhahaa...

BB also went to have his hair cut @ Twister, Tampines 1, today. It's nice!! hahaha... I showed the stylist a photo of the hairstyle and she knows who the person in the picture is -- Xiao Zhu! ahahha.... So BB, next time you can have your haircut by Faye liao lor! Somemore, you may be able to bump into Andy Lee (one of the bosses of this salon, a joint venture of Mark Lee, Quan YiFeng and Michelle Chia and Andy Lee), just like I saw him today! :p

We also went to see our new hse @ Punggol on Saturday night. *Surprised* I counted the time taken to walk from the MRT to our new place and it's only less than 5 mins. hehe...
They've already started the foundation works! *Good Good*
BB and I then took our time to walk around the neighbourhood..although it's very quiet partly due to the place has not been fully developed yet and also it's at night, it's still going to be a nice place in future I think. :)
Also, there's 1 direct bus which takes us within 10 mins to reach the 3 big malls - IKEA, COURTS and GIANT. This bus no. 34 also takes us direct to BB's house, so it's rather convenient :p hehee...

OKie, that's all for's time to sleep again.... yawnz... byebye for now...

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