Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheongsum Gowns 23-4-09

Yeah... I've finally finished selecting my gowns last week at BBC.
As I realised that 5 out of 6 of my gowns are going to be those princess A-line or pong-pong types, I've decided that I really need to get one gown that shows off my SEXY figure!! *WAHAHHAHA..... hears BB puking at the back*

I've so then decided to get myself a cheongsum/mermaid style kind of evening gown as I want to wear it for my outdoor evening shoot. ^_^ *yeah*
I was thinking of a vintage/oriental/elegant kind of style for my night shots and I've short-listed some venues earlier on. These are The China Club, Lunar Asian Bar, Fullerton Hotel, Pubs at Clarke Quay..
My favourite will be The China Club... but sad to say, I've called them up and they said it's not available for public to take their wedding shots except if I'm a member of their executive club OR if i'm having my banquet there.. :( sobs..
Then for Lunar, the charges are $250/hr which is abit hefty.... Sobs again...
So I was fretting about where to take nice shots when suddenly Ms Xixi gave me a brilliant suggestion which I've totally forgotten about!
Since I wanted Oriental/Vintage style..she said to go CHINESE GARDEN! ahhahaa... Furthermore, I want sunset shots and also since Chinese Gdn is in the west and sun sets in the west, it fits Puuurrr--fectly! And best still.. It's FOC!!! ahhaha... *mad laughter*

So after the sunset "SUN-KISS(T)" shot, then we can move on to Fullerton/Clarke Quay to take night shots. *yeah*

Okiez, I was flipping through the magazine the other day in search of my dream Cheongsum gown and I chanced upon these 2 I really love them especially the Hot Pink one.. *woo hoo* Sooo Sexxy ya~~ hahahah....

So, I decided to have it custom-made for me...I decided on the Hot Pink one but maybe without the long train cos I was thinking maybe next time I can still wear it to dinner functions if this gown is made without the long train so that it doesn't look like a wedding evening gown. ^_^ hee... *GRINs widely*
As the picture only shows the front part, I decided to draw the back-portion myself so that I can give the dress-maker a better idea..hahaa...

So here it is!!
I think I can be a fashion designer liao! ahaha.....
But it's my passion to draw lei... so feel free to write to me if u want me to draw sketches for u! hahaha...

This blue gown is very elegant and looks sophisticated! hmmm ^^
My fav is still this.. I think it'll look very nice in night shots! =p
What do you all think?

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