Sunday, April 19, 2009

2nd Gown fitting and DIY Roses 19-4-09

Yesterday, BB and I went for our 2nd gown fitting with ah hui. ^_^ Sorry ah hui to trouble u again and spend like 4 hours there seeing me doing the fashion runway show. =p

Finally, I have decided and chosen all my outfits and I've also confirmed with Xiaofen today regarding my actual day gown. hehe...
In total, I will be taking 1 AD gown, 1 AD Evening Gown, 1 Kua (for AD), 1 Outdoor Day Gown, 1 Outdoor EG (which is a long red cheong kind of gown) and 2 Indoor Photoshoot gowns. I decided to do away with those cheesy traditional costumes eg. victorian/korean/japanese kinds because I feel these types can be taken anytime at any makeover shops and better still, rent these from Costumes shops. *lol*

It's a pity that Bliss Bridal have very limited slim-cut aka mermaid cut EGs.. sigh... They only have 1 red, 1 champagne, 1 light pink and 1 greenish gold embroidered cheongsum mermaid cut outdoor EG for me to choose from. *double sigh* They say they have other mermaid cut gowns but they are all for indoor photoshoot. I wanted a slim-cut gown for outdoor because I've choosen THE CHINA CLUB @ Capital Tower as one of my outdoor venue for evening photoshoot, as I'd like to have a kind of Oriental feel to the wedding album.
Have sent the restaurant an email and awaiting them to reply me with regards to the use of their venue.

Basically, I'm thinking of a mix of Western style + Asian style fusion kind of wedding photography album.
Western style venue, I'm thinking of either going The White Rabbit @ Demphesy Rd or Hort Park @ Alexandra.
Asian style venue, which is The China Club @ Capital Tower.
I also hope to be able to capture a sunset shot at either Clarke Quay or some nice place which I've yet to think of. :( I want to have a photo of a "SUNKIST" --> Couple kissing shot with sunset as the background....
I think I shall discuss with the photographer when the date for photoshoot draws nearer. ^_^

Oki..talking about photoshoot, I need to re-choose my PS again as my AD gown is to be used for some model fashion show on the day of my previously arranged PS. arrghhhh.... Only left with dates in July le...

Alright, anyway, today, I have the whole lot of free time chilling at home and so I decided to start my hands-on on the DIY Roses for ROM. *hahaha*

*Sneak Peek at the ROM gown which I wanted very much ... BUT!!! alas.. BBC 'lied' to me cos the other time when I told them I wanted this gown, they said they're able to lend it to me but during my 1st fitting in end Mar, they forgot to reserve this for me. And so when I told them I wanted this gown yesterday during 2nd fitting, they told me this has been taken by another ROM couple for their 26 Sept ROM.. sobs sobs... luckily I found another...though I still prefer this one...(T_T)

Okie, for DIY roses, to start off, you need the following:
1) Nice Soft Wrapping paper which You need to cut into abt 2 inches width of straps. Alternatively, you can use ribbons.
2) Scotch-Tape/Double sided tape
3) Scissors
4) Chopsticks as the 'stem" haha ..I'm trying to be an eco-friendly girl!! So I 'couped' chopsticks from foodstalls when I eat out..hahaa....Ssshhh..dont let the stall owners know..:p
Taa-daa! The completed Pink Rose.. Is it nice? :p I think I still need to modify abit..have to buy green poster colors to dye the stem and some green ribbons to make the leaves :p

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