Friday, April 17, 2009

List of Photographers and Videographers

hmmm... I know there's so many photographers and videographers out there in the market and it gets really tedious for the BTB and HTB to choose..hehe...
So, I've compiled my list of PGs and VGs whom I've met or seen their works before.

To all BTBs, to get a better idea of how their work is like, it's better to meet the VGs or PGs in person..see whether can you click with them and interrogate them with questions..ahhaha...

For a start, you may also like to buy magazines like BLISSFUL BRIDES (if you have no idea what photography style you want OR you absolutely have no idea where and how to start on your search for VGs and PGs) --> 85% of this magazine is all about photographers and videographers lor..the rest of the 10% is on tips for BTBs on the planning of the wedding and the last 5% is about the different banquet venues.

For magazine like STYLE WEDDINGS --> I personally prefer this magazine much more than the latter because there's more tips on the wedding and stories to read about.

Alternatively, you can start google'ing your ideal PGs/VGs online.
For me, I like photojournalistic style of photography because I feel that the shots are timeless. hehe... Photojournalistic style, to put it simply, means more like candid shots. *lol* But I guess you need some expert who's able to capture that special moment at the right time and angle. =)

There's actually a WPJA (Wedding PhotoJournalist Association) website where you can find a whole list of photojournalistic photographers here. You can click here and find under Singapore :

Other than photojournalistic, there's also another kind of style called Portraiture -> more traditional. ^_^

For Videography, if you like photojournalistic style again, you can try Wedding & Event Videographers Association (WEVA). Click here to find out more -->

Alright, so here's my list.. ^_^

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