Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marina Barrage 11-7-09

BB and I have finally watched Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen, last Friday 10-7-09, after like 2 weeks since it's opening? haha...Anyway, I just want to say again, it is the BEST movie ever for this year??!!
I just totally HEART my lovable BUMBLEBEE!!

Found an interesting old cartoon picture of Transformers..*feels like I'm travelling back in time to my childhood days and I can still vividly remember the sounds they make when they transform..*Ahhh... I miss those days!!
Here's an old pic of BumbleBee..hahaa...very 2D right?

Did you all realise that BumbleBee also stands for BB in short?!! hahaha...Gotta force BB to buy BumbleBee's toy for me, and to buy a sports car like BumbleBee's!! At the same time, to have the sound of the car lock system to sound like Autobots! Hiak Hiak Hiak~~~

Okie, Saturday, BB and I decided to go Orchard Road as it's been such a long time since we've both been there and we also wanted to see how ION and Orchard Central looks like now.
ION is really beautiful in my opinion and I think it will look even more beautiful at night. Though the passageway that links from ION to MRT is open already, the ION building is still not ready for biz yet.

Then we walked to Heerens and guess who I saw?
Apparently, he's having a Qian1 Chang4 Hui4 there and I managed to take some close up shots of him :):)

Next, the 2 mountain tortoises went to Orchard Central. Wow...I was amazed by the length of the escalator. It's just like Illuma's.. very long. I didn't dare to take the escalator outside the building as I think my legs will grow jelly..haha..
Btw, they only have "UP" escalator and don't have "DOWN" escalator, probably because they fear that people will tumble down the escalator easily especially since it's so lengthy!!
Orchard Central is yet another modern sleek building with 7 levels?? I can't remember..haha.. except that there's lotsa shops, lifts and resting areas with comfy sofas.

After Orchard Central, we decided to reccee Marina Barrage (MB) since we've also never been there before. Another ulu place but luckily, there's shutter bus which brings us there. We took the train to Marina Bay station and saw th bus schedule just in front of the control station. The bus frequency is about 10-15mins with the last bus leaving MB at 9pm for weekends. ^_^
The Queue for the bus....

The walk into the barrage.... surrounded by high walls made of....ROCKS!! Once inside, the place looks like an arena to me..haha...
See BB walking in front??
The Climb up the path....luckily it's a windy and cloudy day..hee....the view up there is really nice...^^

I think it's a nice place for photoshoot especially with a nice weather. That day, there were people having picnics and flying kites there. Great place for family outings! =) The Sea-view
Solar Park atop the BarrageBB has absorbed enough Solar Power and trying to become a Man-made BumbleBee... HAHAHA...

One of the sculptures we saw....interesting...:)

This looks like the old "channel 8" logo...hahaha...

Another interesting sculpture...

I kinda like this picture..hee... Can u spot BB and Me practically "ON TOP OF THE WORLD?" hee...

Ahhh... Why is BB closing his eyes??!! He must be 'enjoying' the moment...haha..

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