Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3rd Gown Fitting @ Bliss Bridal Creations (9-7-09)

I called up my bridal shop to make a last minute appointment to re-choose my photoshoot gowns as I wasn't very satisfied with 2 of the gowns I've chosen especially the plunging neckline one. hee..

So last week on Thursday 9-July-09, I was attended by Jenny instead of Xiaofen (as she's busy with another couple). I told Jenny about my 'concerns' and 'ideas' of the gowns and she readily took out several gowns for me to try. I can't really remember how many gowns (mostly evening) I've tried..but it's definitely more than 7 gowns. haha...

I also managed to select a very nice evening gown, mermaid style and this will replace my previous confirmed pink evening gown. hahaha...

All in all, I will have the following gowns from Bliss Bridal Creations:-

AD & Photoshoot
1) Princess Bling Wedding Gown (Actual Day)
2) Deep Maroon Mermaid Evening Gown (Actual Day)
3) White Princess Gown with Lace Hem (Outdoor Photoshoot)
4) Halter V-Neck Gown with black beads, pearls and crystals (Indoor Photoshoot)
5) Sweet Princess Gown with flower organza (Indoor Photoshoot)
6) Light Pink Evening Gown (Indoor Photoshoot)
7) Kua (Actual Day)

1) Peach Pink Bubble Dress with big pink flower organza

Now..I have to start thinking of my photoshoot venues..hee...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i also signed up for Bliss Bridal. Can share with me your experience? My email: gxiaoyan@gmail.com

Thank you!