Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Villa Halia @ Botanical Gardens Wedding Showcase 19-7-09

Last Sunday, I made Brother accompany me to the wedding showcase since BB has agreed to go to Hwee Suan's house-warming party.

Bro drove me around Bt Timah and Cluny Hill's private property estates to oogle....ahhaha...and we passed by his friend's huge mansion and saw him sitting alone in the sofa of his room with back facing us and playing his handheld game. We left without notifying him cos we're already 5 mins late for the showcase. hee..
But somehow, I feel that though they are so rich, they're somehow quite lonely.. it's like living in a fortress..

Anyway, when we reached, it was just about time that they started their 1st presentation. There was a live jazz band playing in the courtyard and the place is really cozy.

I like how the Gallery room is being set up with orangey lightings... ^_^
Food-wise, tasted pretty good! Bro has too much of the semi-raw tuna till he had to go loo at the end of the evening cos he wasn't supposed to take too much raw food since his stomach is always so sensitive.. haaa.....
The solemnisation table setup outside Gallery Room, in the Courtyard..
The non-air con changing room...=) Anybody realised that they actually placed the table over the toilet bowl??!! hahaha... Yeah... that's right! The flush button & toilet roll are still visible cos they can't hide that one..hahaa...luckily, it has 2 fans inside..hehe..The jazz band having a break in the courtyardThese 2 drinks are the specialty that day.. Bro and I esp. like the yellow ginger cocktail as it's really refreshing!Gallery Room at night.. =)
Each couple will also get a heart-shaped clay container as a gift after the end of the programs.
Overall, the event is considered quite successful :)

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