Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bottle Tree Village Restaurant & Park 4-7-09

2 weeks ago on Saturday 4-July-09, I went shopping myself and 'toured' almost all of central Singapore! hahaa...My objective for that day is to buy some of the materials for the ROM.

First stop, I went AMK Hub as I was told my another BTB that I can get faux flowers at a craft shop at AMK Hub. The problem is that day I forgot which level the shop is at and I just shopped ard while keeping a lookout for that craft shop. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it..haa.. so I decided to walk outside of AMK Hub and shopped at its neighbourhood. I found nice deals for the stickers which I'm gonna use it for my invitation cards' envelops. Let me see..each sticker pack cost $1 and if I buy 5 packs, I get 1 pack free. hee.. so I have 6 packs of 3 designs!

Next stop - City Hall. Headed for Bras Basah Complex and reached at abt 430pm. Went straight to ArtFriend and was very pleased to find many nice stuffs suitable for DIYs!! Though, I can't find feather pens there...I manage to grab a heart-shaped styrofoam at abt $1.30 and white ribbons at $0.98! HAHAHA... saves me alot becos initially I intended to buy a heart-shaped baking tin for the pen-stand base which will cost me abt $8 or more..plus, I need to buy green plasticine to fill the tin before I can stick my faux flowers. Haa...so now, I have a cheaper version!
Next, I went to its Popular Bookstore and found really nice wrapping papers!! Think it costs me $1.20 for this very nice wedding wrapping paper! Was thinkin of using it for my base background for my display stand. hehe..or as a hanging 'tag' on the chair of the solemnisation table.
Also glitters and double-sided tape. Sigh.. wasn't able to find my yellow envelops for invitation cards.. :(

3rd stop, Bugis. haha.. the BTB told me that she also saw a push-cart selling faux flowers at Bugis. I roughly know which cart she was talking abt and went to search for it. She has nice sweet stuffs, but her faux flowers are so expensive! A small packet abt palm sized with maybe less than 20 flowers costs $12! Bigger ones costs even more! Haa..faintz... she also doesn't sell feather pens either..so I left Bugis again for next destination..

4th stop - Plaza Singapura's Spotlight. haha.. bear in mind, I've been walking to and fro all this while..my legs are beginning to ache.. *lol* I'm such a great walker "Johnny Walker - Keep on Walking" My right ankle has not recovered fully since I 'twisted' it accidentally 3 wks ago at Lau Pat Sat.. :(
I decided to walk slower this time round and before that, I bought myself a small tub of ice-cream as a reward..haha..

At Spotlight, it happened that there's a 20% storewide discount for that 2 days only and I was lucky! haha.. I bought a box of foam roses (15 med sized roses) at only $5.60 after disc! Happie..~~ I also saw that there's masks selling at $10 (usual price $19.95). Think it's a good buy especially for those which comes with feathers & deco in it. Too bad, I can't a nice one otherwise I would have bought it.. ^_^
I also tried searching for feather pens but can't find them but it's ok because I have a backup plan..^^ Bro also said he'll help me find. haa...

Materials for my Penstand :)

Basically, my penstand should look something like this after pinning all the roses on it. ^^

Close up look at the foam roses

While at Spotlight, mommy called me and asked if I want to go Bottle Tree Village Restaurant with them for dinner. Of cos I agreed!! ahaha.. and asked them to come fetch me as my legs are aching so much.. *lol* But bro asked me to take MRT to Sembawang and they'll fetch me from there. Faintz..but it's ok at least I got myself a seat at Dobhy Ghaut station. ^^

It's dad's and mom's 1st time dining at this restaurant and they were amazed at how we're able to find this place as it is located at a very ulu place hidden far inside Sembawang. The good thing is that they said the food is nice here and so is the price. ahhaa...
we had Fish-head steamboat...yum yum!

If you are interested to go to this restaurant, you can go here for more directions and details! ^_^

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