Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flower Hand Bouquet (27-6-09)

I've finally placed an order for my ROM hand bouquet with Mrs Teo Florist of Bedok 85 on Saturday 27-6-09. Have read forum people recommending her, so went down to take a look first before placing order.

Mrs Teo is a nice petite lady and her florist shop is just beside the fish aquarium stall in the market. I showed her some pictures of how I wanted my bouquet to look like and she's very nice to tell me which flowers should match with what and also advise me that perhaps during my ROM season, the flowers that I wanted may not be in supply but she'll try to find other suitable flowers to match the colors that I wanted.

The price she quoted was S$80 for the hand bouquet which comes with corsages for man, flowers for hair deco for the bride and flower petals for my bridesmaid as confetti. hehe.. She also showed me how the wrapping will be like, in which she'll wrap the stalks with silk ribbon with strings of pearl if I like. Very nice indeed. ^_^

If BTBs doesn't have any bouquets in mind, she has photo albums which she will show you and you can choose from there. (*^o^)> She also provide car decorating services if you like.
If you like to contact her, you may view her website which is setup by her daughter who also happens to be getting married this year's October. hee....

Here's a picture of the type of bouquet I like.. hehe.. sweet pinkish pastel colors:

It will be helpful if BTBs can do some research and save/print those flower bouquet images and show it to your florists so that they can have a better idea of how your bouquet can look like! Cheers!

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