Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Selection Day @ Moments Studio (2-8-09)

Finally, the day of the photo-selection for the wedding album came!
Out appointment with Moments Studio was 3pm and I remembered we were there on time but we didn't realise that our photo-selection would take so long...hahaa... and we ended up spending exactly 5 hours there!

We had to choose 30 pictures (a.k.a. poses) from the 300+ pictures. Woah... not an easy task ya.. BB and I were quite determined to only select 30 pics for the album and not topup any pages or pics unless we really really really like the pictures. So we created different folders in their pc and separate those "Chosen" ones from the rest.

I was not exactly happy with the service provided by Moments, probably due to 3 major factors:-
1) Was kinda 'pissed off' with their optical mouse which keeps turning off by itself. Sigh..later Kim who served us told us that it's actually running low on battery and they don't have spare batts!! So in the end, they had to take out the rechargable batts from the keyboard to charge for 30 mins before replacing the low batt mouse with them. Afterwhich, we are not able to create new folders in the pc as there's no batt for the keyboard. Sigh... (not a big issue though)

2) We were told by Kim that if we want additional full page picture Or Pose, they'll charge us S$85 per picture/pose. I then asked her how much will the soft copies (unedited) cost? And she said S$15 per photo.
She tried to come up with a package for us (she didnt hard-sell), i.e. we can choose another 40-45 pics (cant really rem what's the number already) to make it into another album. That means we'll have 2 albums in total and we need to topup S$2880. *faint* Nah.. there's no way we're going to fork out so much money for that!

So after we've selected our 30 pics for our album, we chosen another 30 more, working our sums based on $15 per pc.
After we've chosen the extra 30, BB asked her again how much would the extra 30 soft copies be. This time round, we were shocked! when she said S$20 per piece! WTH... how can she anyhow raise up the price?!!!
So we rebutted that it was supposed to be $15! Then she did abit of calculations before she agreed to that price. Yuckz.... hate this!

3) Then she told us that since we have 30 poses for the album, she'll arrange for the album layout design to be 20 pages. I was like "HUH? how can it be 20 pages??!! I don't remember seeing 20 pages indicated on my receipt/contract!" But I didn't say a word because I forgot to bring my receipt along that day.

When I got home, I quickly searched for the receipt and was THRILLED and yet ANGRY to see that it was written 28 pages (30 poses). And furthermore, since I didnt do any MTM gowns, I get another 2 pages/2 poses free.

Sooo.... yesterday 4-8-09, I called up Jenny and was referred to "Shuqin" of Moments Studio which I later found out that she is actually Kim herself. I told her my issues and she did a check and returned to inform me that in this case, I can either opt for 30 pages (30 poses) OR 28 pages (32 poses).
I chose the first one instead since they're able to do their own design layout for me and also I feel that I'd rather pay for a full page photo rather than 2 photos in 1 page kind of thing. those 3 issues are the turn-offs for me with Bliss Bridal Creations's photostudio.

Just also realised from ah hui that her bridal studio offered her ALL non-selected photos (unedited) for FREE!!! OMG.....on top of that, she'll still be getting her selected photos(edited) in soft copies too.. sighz... why can't BBC do the same too since they won't need those photos??!!
Otherwise, why can't they just let the remaining photos go to the couple at a very low price, say... $50????

Anyway..that aside.. we finally managed to take a group photo with Steven and Lihua! hehe..
Isn't Steven handsome for his age? hehee..
Lihua is also pretty!

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