Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ROM Invitation Cards Part 2 (12-8-09)

Yesterday 11-8-09 was my last day of service with SIF.
Can’t say much about my feelings because I’ve only been there for a year and I’ve not developed ‘deep close’ feelings like I did with my colleagues in OCBC, except I’ve made a few good friends like Ms Xixi, James, boss and Ms xuanxuan (who left but we still kept in touch!).

I’ll be resting for 2 days before I start work at my new place on Friday!
Sigh… I really hate this kind of transition period especially when I have so many things on hand to do….
I just want to complain loudly that I made huge sacrifices lor… because I gave up on my Marriage Leave (I cant take ML in new company as policy states that I nid to be wif them for at least 1 yr before I can take my ML and it has to be taken during and for my 1st legal marriage… L ) and my entire annual leave (meaning to say, it’s been almost 2 yrs since I’ve taken any block leave…L )
I’m so sad.. Why 2 years u may ask? Becos for 1st half of 2008 in OC, I haven’t taken my AL, then Jun I joined SIF and wasn’t allowed to take leave till 6 mths later after confirmation and then now I joined new place and will hafta serve another 6 mths probation.. so I can only clear block leave next yr Feb onwards……
Which also means to say I have to postpone my honeymoon till next yr….SIGH… BIG SIGH…. But the only comfort that I have is that I will have 26 AL at my new place.
Gotta look fwd and not backward in life ya…

Anyway, Finally completed doing all the ROM wedding invites – envelopes!
All 30 of them..hahaha.. actually, I’m only required to do 25 envelopes, but I kiasu and did an extra 5. just in case, we decided to invite more ppl. :p
I spent the entire day cutting papers, flowers and doing all those pasting!!
It’s really no joke to do the envelopes… phew… it’s so tiring!

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