Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Collection of Signoria Free Photo Album & Portrait Part 1 (22-8-09)

We were supposed to get our photo album and portrait from Signoria today.
And to all BTBs… I have some feedback to make about this bridal shop!!!!

Arrgghhh…. They have super bad customer service…yucks…..
They didn’t bother to give us a call to inform us that our album are ready for collection since 2 weeks ago until I called them up to check!

Oki… this is small matter..
but what really makes me fumed up is that when we went to collect, do u know what we saw?!!!

Our portrait picture is the wrong photo! It wasn’t the one we’ve selected!
Not only that, even the album pics arrangement order are wrong!... OMG… what sloppy work they have!

I have specifically told them during selection of pics time that I want my pics to be in certain numbering orders and the guy even wrote down the numbering order behind the pics.
He even made a mark on the pic that is supposed to be for the portrait.
DARN… I forgot his name…he’s supposed to be the graphic designer lor….

So I told him about their mistakes and he said will change for me but will need to wait for another 3 weeks. Gosh….
They have such differential treatments for lucky draw winners and REAL customers of their shop!
I bet they will sure treat the customers who spent tons of money at their shop compared to those who are on a budget!

Blehs… How will I even dare to recommend this bridal shop to my friends who are also getting married?
And they also ended up spending more time and money to re-do the portrait and album.


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