Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OSIM Trialthlon 1-8-09

Last Friday 31-7-09, I met BB at ION Orchard to do some 'window' shopping before we went to meet his army pals.
We passed by this japanese store at the basement selling imported japanese stuff. hee... can't help but 'pestered' BB to buy 2 boxes of the japanese eclaire.. kekeke....

I haven't opened the boxes yet, so can't show u all the goodies inside. :p But don't u think that their packaging are very nice? hehe...
The shopping bag
The 2 boxes of Japanese Eclaire: Both are supposed to be the same just that the toppings for the top box is supposed to be fish tofu crumbs, and the bottom box is normal flakes. hee...
Both have choco and vanilla fillings.
The drawings are so nice... ^_^

Then the next day (Saturday 1 Aug 09), I ended up with a sunburnt 'chest' after going for the OSIM Trialthlon which was held at East Coast Park.
Ohhhh NooooOOO ~~~~~~ (+___+;)
Hope it'll recover soon cos it feels itchy and so red like a lobster... sob sob...

BB was tasked to do the 750m swim in the sea while his 2 colleagues are to do the 5km run and cycling.
I found it really amazing for those doing the swimming part because there were quite a number of 1st timers especially those participants who are women! I can't imagine myself swimming in the sea sia.... I'm a timid princess! HAHAHAH.... *but I can imagine those people's legs turning wobbly not on ground but in the sea, and looking like a jellyfish.. keke...*

BB was saying that participants for the next day's challenge would be doing the 1.5km swim which is double that of what he's swimming that day! Oh gosh.... that's such a super duper long distance!! *salutes those participants*
The running and cycling track...
The Yellow arc entrance for the Swim
Gathering for the call before the start of the swim..
I tried to capture the 'wide-ness' of the 750m swim..but unable to do so..hahaa... anyway, the white floats shows the boundary and swimmers are supposed to swim outside the borders of it. The are within the boundary is for warm-up exercises.
The White-caps started... can't remember how many groups are there.. but they're differentiated by the diff color caps they wore..
The pink-caps..I think these are the women.. lol.. can't remember what color they wore actually cos there's so many groups..
See the safety guards on standby, just in case anyone needs help back to the shore.
Alright.. here's BB's green-cap group Getting ready..hee...
Swim Swim...
More swim swims.... keke.. alamak..think alot of them got some 'fish-kicks' or 'frog-kicks' esp when they swam too close to one another..hahaha..
Yeah~~ BB completed!

Anyway, we went back at about 3pm and I finally bought my Scrapbook Album that evening from UrbanWrite! Woo hoo!! This scrapbook album is supposed to be my Guestbook too. hehe... So my next task would be to do some simple deco for the scrapbook as it already comes with made-ready deco-papers. ^o^

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