Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Belated Bday Celebration for Wiwi (21-8-09)

Went out with OCAS gang today and had dinner at AglioOlio at China Square.
It’s a cosy little restaurant outlet for spagettis. The food and price is reasonable and taste-wise is also not bad. =)

After the dinner, we headed out to Boat Quay’s pub for a drink and KTV with some games.
This outing is actually to celebrate a belated Birthday for our dear Wiwi.
She’s getting married next year in September! ^_^
I’m excited for her too..hee… don’t know if she’ll be holding 2 banquets? One in SG and another in Indonesia?

We did some cam-whoring at Boat Quay before we ended the day….yawnz.. I get tired so easily these days.. :p

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