Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Display Shoutout Board Part 1 (23-8-09)

Today is a rainy day, very suitable for sleeping.
I practically snoozed the entire morning and early afternoon, but of cos was being ‘disturbed’ by loud noises and woke up a few times.

I went shopping again at Tampines 1 in the afternoon with BB and bought myself a nice blouse from MULAN and also the NIVEA new extra whitening lotion..haha…cos trying to gain back my “fairness” after getting the tan from the OSIM Trialthlon sometime back.

When I reached home that night, I quickly did a start on my Shout-Out Display Board. Hee… I completed it before I’ll leave it to the next day for some touch-ups!

Wedding design wrapping paper to act as base for my board
Materials needed for the display board

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