Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Got a Shock at Work today (19-8-09)

Met BB after work at Raffles City cos I was telling him how sad and bored I was at work today. This was only my 4th day at work at my new company when I had a shocking news in the afternoon before lunch.

Gosh… My boss told me that he’s leaving end of the month cos just received news from Head Office that they want to ‘change’ management. Together with him, another 6 management heads are going getting the ‘axe’….
It’s just so sudden and so shocking…
I am also at a loss now becos I am not sure who am I going to report to or will there be any changes to my job scope…Sigh….

Anyway, I bought a red tissue gift wrap at Raffles City basement today for $1.20 after mom told me that some red roses will be pretty.
So I’m adding these red roses for deco use on the couple chairs at the Solemnisation table.

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