Friday, June 26, 2009

Choosing of photos for Signoria's album (25-6-09)

Signoria had called me up earlier on Tuesday informing us that our photos are ready for selection and would like us to make a trip down. However, they told us that we can only come on weekdays cos the slots for their weekends are full.
Anyway, I'm not sure who is the one who called me (either Lynn or Amber) but she doesn't sound friendly and coldly said I can only go down on weekdays cos all their weekends are full (Duhz...HArlow! I haven't even mention which weekend I want to go down lor.. I don't really like that kind of attitude. Pui~~ Blehz... (+__+))

So we went to choose our photos on Thursday 25-6-09. BB and I have come to an agreement of only die-die must only choose 20 photos cos we don't wanna pay extra since this is supposed to be a FREE package. Hahaa... While we are choosing the 20 out of about 150 photos, Lynn (the plumper girl) was like trying to sell us the package again and at the same time 'bad-mouthing' about our bridal shop when we told her that we've already signed a package with Bliss. Sigh......both of us can tell the fake 'acting' from her lor...that's why we don't really like to be attended by her. Furthermore, most of the info that she given to us esp quoting of prices are sky-high lor.

After we've chosen our photos, the "photo-designer" told us to choose our photo album cover. As expected, since it's free, the cover for the free album has only 1 design which is black leather. Haaha... if we want to top up, we can choose better designs. Of cos, we still stick to our original agreement and just went ahead with the plain black one. hahaa...*great that at that time, Lynn was busy doing the car deco for another cust outside the shop so didnt try psycho'ing us*.

So, we'll have to wait for about 3-4 weeks later before we can go down to view our photo design layout as the designer told me that they needed time to do the editing and designing layout.

I shall update again when I have the soft copy! hehee...=)

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