Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Menu cum Table Name Cards (13-9-09)

My Menu/Table cards are ready! v(^o^)v
Yeah!~~ I took the whole of the afternoon till night to design and print them.
My creativity mind also sprang to work in the evening time as I was having some troubles with the page setup of Word doc and also the Photoshop.

Alright…pictures speak a dozen words… so here they are :)
My cards serve as both a Menu and Table Name Cards.

Before that, I also did a final touchup for the flowers for the Solemnisation Chairs!
The Pink/Blue ribbons ones are for Bride & Groom's chairs.
The Green/White ribbons ones are for the witnesses' chairs. ^^
I actually love what I created...hahaha...
Photoshop brushes are way to go!!! Hooray to them!

Front & Back of the Table_Menu Cards... ^_^
Though I love my creation, BUT, I still love the writings (I think this card also serve a 3rd purpose which is Thank you card :p) the best! HAHAHA...
I'm also able to make full use of the wedding Initials logo design that I created! *GRINZ* trying my best to giveit a classy look. *lol*
The food list seems yummylicious! hehe..

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