Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st Meetup with JP 30-8-09

**Note: Royal Readers..hee... you might have noticed and wondering how come my subject title of the entries come with dates.. It's because I sometimes don't update my blog so often, and also I usually write my entry in a word doc before transferring them to this blog. Haaha... So the dates are to remind/add as a note to me of when did I start on the DIYs etc.
So, don't be surprised when you suddenly see a whole chunk of entries within 1 day ! ^_^

Met up with our JP -- Dr Ho on 30 Aug 09.
Was slightly late for perhaps 5 mins due to rain and also because I rushed to the toilet halfway as I got a stomachache. *haha... marriage jitters**

Basically, Dr Ho's a nice and friendly old man who loves travelling.
That day, he wore a red “Holland American Inc” shirt so as to make it easier to identify him at the MacDonald at Serene Centre.
Understand from him that his job requires him to travel frequently as he needs to attend conferences or go other countries’ hospitals to visit patients. As he travels frequently last time, he likes to mix leisure with business. Can see that he really enjoys his trips. ^_^
He’s basically a retiree now and he’s doing this JP as a part-time job. He also told us that he’s an alumni of NUS.
His son is also living and working in US, that’s why usually during the dec period, he’s away from Singapore.

Gotta help to know more about him as I'm also helping James (who's getting married on 23rd Dec 09) to find a JP. hehe..
Anyway, Dr Ho told us to come up with our we've got to start cracking our heads again!!

Got home and started to 'operate' my printing machine...hahaa.... to print all my invitation cards!Printed 20 of them.
Also came up with the design of the map inserts in the evening and printed them all out but left the cutting of the maps till the next day 31 Aug liao.. cos it's getting late and gotta work tmr!!Next up shall be the Game scrolls. =)

Front page of card
The invitation envelope, Back design of card + Map insert
haha... managed to make use of my design of the names logo for my menu/table cards + map inserts!!

"Flash" version

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