Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Invites for AD Selection & Car Deco_Flower Bouquet (19-9-09)

Early in the morning, I woke up to prepare because today, we’ve got a lot of things to do since 7th month is over!
This is the time to start preparing for the Actual Day Wedding too!

Ok, so first thing, we went to Yitai Hotstamping to confirm and order our AD wedding invitations. It only took us about half hr in there and the girl told us she’ll send us the soft copy template next Thursday afterwhich, if we confirm to print, then she’ll go ahead.
We were told that we’ve to tie the gold strings to the cards/inserts ourselves! Haa… think gotta engage help of others to do! ^^
"Cards, Cards on the wall, Who's the prettiest of them all?"After the printing company trip, we headed to BBC to choose my AD bouquet, car deco and also to see the photos layout.
Turns out that the layout is very sweet and colourful… :)

Didn’t manage to get the soft copies that day for both the edited and unedited (extra photos we bought) though. Told Kim that I’ll collect them on next Thurs when I collect my ROM gown instead.
Xiaofen also told me that she’ll be adding a string of blingblings to the peach ROM gown.. haha..hope it turns out nice… ^^

I've shortlisted 2 bouquets.. This one below and the 2nd pic below... Which is nicer??
Cast your votes and let me know, ok?? *Turning into a Bridezilla!* :p

Before we left for Orchard, we dropped by at Suntec's Travel Fare and guess who I saw? haha... Tay Ping Hui... Macho handsome guy! *drools*

After the selection, we went to Orchard’s Takashimaya to buy sweet wedding card. My intention was to use the card for the guests to sign. While browsing the many nice cards, I saw a very nice Prince & Princess Pop-up card and being the Princess-fanatic, I decided to buy it to add to the deco for the reception table. Hahaha.. so ended up, I bought 2 cards.

So the cards are settled and then we went to the basement and saw that there’s the mooncakes sale with many vendors! We ‘snaked’ in with the crowd and went around sampling different mooncakes. HAhaha… I find myself loving durians mooncakes this year!! And also the yam/pumpkin flavor mooncakes!! Alright..let me go dig out the pricelist/pictures before I post them here again…

Having our dinner at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
BB with my drink again!!! Mango Lemonade...*slurp slurp*

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