Monday, September 21, 2009

Dinner outing with the S.H.E.s (11-9-09)

Today had a dinner outing with the S.H.E.s…
We had wanted to have dinner at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at Orchard ION but alas, the queue was terribly long! I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for before it’s our turn.. *faint*..
So we decided to change our dinner place to a few shops beside it, called “OSAKA Hiroshima Ramen”.

Here’s some pics of the “Cha Shu Ramen” we ordered together with some mayo prawns and fried tofu.
Pardon me for the 3/4 finished mayo prawns and tofu..hahaa... too hungry at that time.. :p

Oily Ramen ya!... Sandy's even oilier!!
After dinner, we had our dessert of Chocolate Fondue with fresh fruits @ Wheellock Place’s Coffee Club.
It’s a nice place to just chill out with your friends especially at night as it can be quite windy. Since it’s outdoor, u can also get to just relax and watch passers-by stroll by while enjoying your cuppa coffee/tea. :)
The S.H.E.s girls....hahaha...

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