Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Registry of Marriages - Wedding Docs Collection (18-9-09)

This morning, BB & I went to Registry of Marriages to get our ROM documents.
We took a taxi from Peninsula Plaza Hotel up to ROM because we thought it’ll be a far walk up the hill..but who knows..haha.. the driver said it’s very near only and the taxi meter didn’t even jump.. ahhaa… So we paid $3 for just sitting in the cab for abt less than 5 mins… *faints*

Alright, we were 2 blur sotongs and after reaching the place, we were like trying to find instructions on what to do next when this attendant came to us and told us to get Q no. first. Haha… *malu*

So there we are… we’ve to do a declaration in front of the officer before we can collect our docs.
After collecting docs, BB and I went to Funan Mall to have our Mac breakfast/lunch.
I ordered Mega Mcspicy! Haaha… end up, that evening, I had a very bad bloated stomach and felt dizzy and wanted to throw up.. think I ate too much even though after that Mac meal, I didn’t have anything else for the whole day! :p

While waiting for our turn....we took some snaps... *CHEEZE**
Haha...the flashboard actually shows our number, but when taking this pic, just so happens that it flashes off --> see the top row missing number? :pHere's the docs that was collected: Wedding Certs (2 copies) & Some marriage preparation booklet in the pink folder ^_^

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