Monday, September 21, 2009

Sooo tired..... (7-9-09)

Darn.. I was so so very tired today!
I didn’t sleep at all for the whole of yesterday’s night!
I think it was most probably due to the caffeine effect that I had yesterday noon at Coffee Bean! Arrgghh… it was just so terrible…
U know that kind of feeling whereby u want to slp but when u close ur eyes, your mind is still very active and starts to think of many things to kip u from drifting to dreamland??

Blehs… terrible!
So today, I was almost like trying to fight a hard battle with “Mr Sandman” cos he’s drawing me to sleep during office hours!
Alright alright, I will let him win the battle when I go home and lie on my bed tonight!!! Hahaha…

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