Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sound Test @ Villa Halia (21-9-09)

Went Halia to test the sound systems with bro- Johnathon & his gf (Kelly) in the morning.

Then went over to Tampines to meet BB.
While waiting for him, I shopped again!!! And bought a light grey top at Mulana selling at $19.90 . hahaa… wanted to continue shopping but BB then reached.

We went to Sea-horse to take a look at the pillows and sofa.
We ended up buying/ordering the Memory pillows (abt $19.50 each, Usual price: $79) and also the long sofa which BB’s mom quite liked ($949.50, usual price:$2399). Not sure why they slashed down the price by so much but it could also be part of their sales tactics. Hahaa… but it sure feels good to imagine ourselves getting a good deal. Hahah.So the delivery date is scheduled to be on 17 Oct. *hooray*

After the visit to Sea-Horse, we went to Serta to finalise some details with the sales-girl. We managed to bargain for 1 more sheep! Hahaha…

So.. our bed details would be: Missouri King sized bed Bedframe = S$3449
Free gifts: 2 pillows (+ 1 more free pillow from free lucky dip, so total 3 pillows), 2 mattress protectors, 2 sheeps plushies, and 1 bed bench .

Then in the evening, we also managed to find one cupboard that’s suitable to put my bags + extra clothes beside the main wardrobe! *Yippeee**

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