Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flowers for Guests' Tables Part 3 (2-9-09)

hahaha.... my "Chap Chai" aka green leaves are completed yesterday! ^_^
This will end my project of the flowers...
Next thing to crack my head will be the 'scrapbook'..hahaa.... as well as tidy up/touch up/finalise those completed DIYs!!!

The green leaves stalks...hehee... really look like some kind of raw vege!!!
Yeah... Sandy previously had asked me to write down a wishlist for the ROM...haha...
so this Vintage victorian lamp below is one of the things in my wishlist!!!
This can be found at Westmall's pushcart.
The auntie's selling 2 sizes for this lamp : Big one (the one shown below) and a small one.
She's able to give a discount too but she said she'll only be here till 22 Sept!! *hint hint* isn't it just a nice time to buy ?? *hiak hiak hiak**
There's also other nice country-styled items on her push-cart and she's got a showroom at somewhere...err... I need to dig out the name card..:p
I can't take a proper nice shot of the lamp becos I'm secretly taking pic of it while she's busy. hahaa...

Anyway, the purpose of the wishlist is just so that guests won't end up buying 2 similar gifts.. keke... I'm still in the midst of compiling the wishlist but sent it out by 'mistake' today. *lol*paiseh paiseh... (^_^)p
This vintage table lamp is so sweet and country-styled. I love it alot...hee... and this is in white lace!!! Yipee!!!

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